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Mirror's Edge 2 release date

Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Be Released Early 2016, EA Confirms

The original Mirror's Edge was released in 2008 to a lot of fanfare. People couldn't wait to play as free-runner Faith as she sprinted around, trying to uncover the truth about a corrupted, dystopian city. With eye-catching reds and elegant whites, the game was beautiful too and it's no wonder why Mirror's Edge was a critical hit. The game wasn't … [Read More]

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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker bad date screenshot

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Review

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a new entrant in a genre that is dominated by highly sexualised portrayals of women, mostly heterosexual plot lines or odd matchups between humans, animals and/or animations. Needless to say, they’re all bordering on exclusionary at their best, or offensive at their downright worst. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is by no means […]

Batgirl DLC Batman Arkham Knight

Batgirl DLC Announced for Batman: Arkham Knight

Last week, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive made a giant splash in the water when they announced the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass. Season passes encourage us to pay for every piece of downloadable content a game has to offer us, rather than spending just a few dollars on individual bits. The Batman: Arkham Knight season […]

H1Z1 wallpaper forest

New H1Z1 Patch Adds Female Characters, Free T-Shirts and Flashbangs

H1Z1 is the latest zombie MMO on the scene. It’s currently on Steam Early Access and despite the usual pre-release bugs and glitches, people quite like it. What people are less fond of, however, is the game’s lack of diversity. H1Z1 launched with no options to change race or gender, meaning you were out of […]