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Moonrise gameplay screenshot

Pokémon-Esque RPG ‘Moonrise’ Gets a Gameplay Trailer

The Pokémon games are one of Nintendo's strongest bits of leverage when it comes to getting people to buy their consoles. They are massive, world-spanning adventures that you can sink days, weeks and even years into, just exploring, battling, and collecting creatures. But since Pokémon games are exclusive to Nintendo consoles, it means that most of us … [Read More]

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Classic Game Remakes header

Classic Game Remakes: Great Reminders of the Past or Shackles of the Future?

In the last decade, the games industry as we know it has changed drastically. Thanks to massive technology improvements, the smartphones of today are as powerful (if not more) than the computers of five years ago, our PS4s and Xbox Ones are approximately 15 times more powerful than their predecessors and the rise of crowdfunding […]

H1Z1 wallpaper

H1Z1 Patch Adds Crossbows and Smoke Grenades

Since it launched on Steam Early Access earlier this year, H1Z1 has mostly been received quite well. It dealt with the loot drop controversy well, it survived as Sony sold its developer and people are no longer calling the game a DayZ knock off either, despite initial suggestions that the two zombie MMOs would look […]

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Project LIANE Has Procedurally Generated Multiplayer

Back in March, Project LIANE was announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The first person shooter stars a superhero (of sorts) named Anna Liane, a woman who is able to heal people’s wounds with her mind. She may not be ripped from the pages of a DC or Marvel comic book but she […]