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New Hellblade Dev Diary Showcases the Art of This PS4 Exclusive

Simply put, we know about minus three things about Ninja Theory’s upcoming PS4 exclusive, Hellblade. From the shadowy announcement trailer we discovered that the game is all for sacrificial rituals, swords just a tad bit sharper than your kitchen knife drawer and unseen, demonic forces. Always with the malevolence. We also know that the protagonist at the head of Hellblade’s tale is named Senua, a woman who rocks some killer, intimidating war-paint and can probably slice enemies up like her very presence is serrated. Thankfully, developer Ninja Theory is offering a drip-feed of information via its semi-regular developer diaries and its latest one gives us an insight into Hellblade’s art, its lore and its incredibly mysterious story. … [Read More]

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Is GTA V Delayed to 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

The mighty, mega behemoth of a games franchise, Sony got to be the bearer of highly anticipated news at E3 this year by announcing that GTA V would be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One before Christmas. For those of us who’ve yet to take to the Los Santos streets mowing down every puny […]


Square Enix ‘Back to School’ Sale Discounts Final Fantasy, Hitman and More

Still licking your wounds after the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity announcement took everyone by surprise? Aren’t we all. It also saw plenty of nastiness sent Square Enix’s way, including ‘sell outs’, ‘money grabbing chumps!’ and various other insults used to describe longstanding business practices. Nonetheless, Square Enix surely can’t be bad eggs, right? […]


So Many Me Review (PC)

So Many Me is exactly the type of game you love to root for. A quirky underdog, the game’s clone gameplay, in which spawned characters follow you and put their various abilities to use, is a bit like Lemmings without the peril of death being quite so funny. The fact it also combines that with […]