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Will Fight for Food screenshot superhero

Will Fight for Food Review

The first game from developer Pyrodactyl was Unrest, an adventure RPG set in ancient India that touched upon poverty, disease, and social and political change. So you'll understand when I say that their latest game, Will Fight For Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour, an RPG and brawler that stars a down on his luck wrestler (Jared Casey Dent) … [Read More]

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FIFA 16 screenshot Messi No Touch Dribbling

FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Stars Messi, No Touch Dribbling

Every year, without fail, EA releases a brand new FIFA game. And every year, EA has to come up with some significant new features and tweaks to prove that this year’s game isn’t just last year’s game in a new box with a new roster update. EA has already tried to prove how different FIFA […]

Ronin game logo

Turn-Based Action ‘RONIN’ Gets a Launch Trailer

If you’re a fan of ninja video games then you’re in luck, because they’re certainly not in shortage. There’s the adorable (and deadly) Mini Ninja, the gory Mortal Kombat, and the iconic Strider to choose from. We’ve got a lot of choice there, but for RONIN, the new ninja game publisher by Devolver Digital, it […]

Batman: Arkham Knight launch trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Released

These last few days have not been particularly joyous one for fans of the Batman. Batman: Arkham Knight was supposed to be a bombastic, over the top and extravagant finale to Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham trilogy but instead the game has been at the centre of a huge controversy. When the game launched, those who […]