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LA Cops Bringing 70s Shooter Action to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Amongst the overwhelming piles of junk that promise things only to stumble through Steam Early Access and fail to deliver, LA Cops is a sparkling rarity. Its gameplay is already solid, addictive and a stupid amount of fun, it updates regularly with new gameplay features and levels (as promised) and the 70s styling and storied cutscenes that fill in the gaps are a genuine breath of fresh air. Originally touted as a top down shooter to join Hotline Miami, LA Cops has proved that it’s far more than that and is coming along nicely ahead of its full release later this year. But, as has now been announced, LA Cops won’t just be coming to PC, it will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One too. … [Read More]

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Hellblade Won’t Have Multiplayer Or An Open World, Ninja Theory Say

Hellblade is certainly an interesting one. Ninja Theory have said that it’s ‘independent triple A’, that it will be a PS4 exclusive (at first) and that they’re also pushing the limit of what the studio’s animators are used to. So there are a lot of buzzwords there, probably enough to turn this into a glossary […]


GTA V Release Date Confirmed as November 18th for PS4, Xbox One

Hark! Do you hear that? That’s the deafening echo of the GTA V release date being announced, confirming that the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will indeed be coming out this Autumn as promised. We were a bit worried for a second there though as total silence in public from Rockstar gave […]


Harmonix Shooter ‘A City Sleeps’ Gets Giant New Gameplay Demo

Do you like rhythm action titles? Do you like shooter games? Probably yes! But with Guitar Hero and Rock Band crumbling under the weight of their fiddly, plastic instrument success and even megalodons like Call of Duty and Battlefield losing some momentum there’s also a good chance that you’re starved for something new. Rock Band […]