J Station X Launch Celebration : Win A Modnation Racers DLC Code!

For years I’ve wanted to start my own video game blog and now that I have, I am really excited for all of the great things I can write about and I’m looking forward to writing some great posts that I get to share with you. However, I get to write on this wonderful blog, but what about you lovely readers? Without you, my blog can’t exist, so to celebrate both the launch of J Station X as well as the awesomeness of you readers, I am giving you the chance to win a DLC code for Modnation Racers (PS3) that you probably won’t find anywhere else because the code was only sent out to lucky people (like myself) who have been following Modnation Racers from Day One.

Click ‘Read More’ to find how you can enter the competition.

The code unlocks the Mod Air Raid, who you can see below, as well as his awesome plane/car and outfit.

Modnation Racers - Air Raid Mod

Why not be one of the few people in the entire world to own this mod? All you have to do for a chance to win is to

Go on Twitter, follow @Jasmino924 (me) and ReTweet this message

RT this & follow @Jasmino924 for a chance to win a Modnation Racers (PS3) DLC code! Visit http://bit.ly/aKHBt0 for more details #JSXComp

Important Info : I spoke to @PlayStation on Twitter (the official PlayStation Twitter account) and they confirmed that the code will only work for those of you with US PSN accounts. They also said that it won’t hurt to try the code if you live in Europe but it’s unlikely that it will work.

The contest ends next Friday 18th of June 2010 and then I’ll announce the winner and send them the code via Direct Message.

  • darth

    hmm…. gamespot was GIVING those codes away… no effort required… and they worked in Canada too! 😉

    • http://jstationx.com Jasmine Henry

      Well Gamespot is a huge site with loads of people, JSX is ran by one person, me (seriously, read my about page) but I do the best I can to hold competitions etc. I’m giving the code away in a contest because I only have one of them otherwise I would just give it away. Plus, the Twitter thing allows me to actually talk to people who visit JSX which is why I said ‘ReTweet this’. Sorry this site’s not more like Gamespot but I’ll do my best to have more prizes in the future. How’s that?

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