Helghast + Slo-Mo = AMAZING! – Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer

A 3rd game already?! WHAT?!?! I know, time flies by pretty quickly in the world of games, *sigh*… I can still remember playing the first Killzone game on PlayStation 2, being so impressed with the graphics, drooling at the uber-realistic bullet holes and being traumatised by those evil, buggy, glistening red eyes. Good job I got over that! If you’re not as well learned in Helghan affairs as I am (foreign ambassador of Earth!) here’s what all the fuss is about when it comes to Killzone.

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  • Killzone 1 – Earth soldiers vs.. the sinister Helghast warriors from the planet of Helghan. The Helghast reminded me of Nazis and the game itself was a new take on the FPS genre which was full WW2 clones, even in the days of PS2. The graphics were some of the best of the time, and nothing that impressive, graphically, had ever been seen on PS2.
  • Killzone 2 – the KZ developer Guerrilla games again brought the incredible visuals when KZ2 was released. Not only were the graphics stellar, the gameplay was a lot of fun and there was never a dull or repetitive moment with one level having your team get struck by lightning! LIGHTNING! The multiplayer was (and still is) epic too.
  • Killzone 3 – not much is known about KZ3 as it has only just been announced with this teaser trailer but the general idea and rumours that have been flying around in swarms is that being a PlayStation exclusive, the new game will be in 3D. That’s like 3 times the D you guys!

Here’s the trailer anyway.


Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer via me on YouTube

The trailer though, looks really interesting. For those of you with Killzone 2 (a PS3 exclusive) you’ll know that there was a ‘Saboteur’ multiplayer class in the game that let you go undercover as a member of the opposite team for a short amount of time so judging by the footage, maybe there are missions in the new game which have you being stealthy, posing as one of the Helghast to go behind enemy lines?

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