Casual Friday – Doodle Jump Review (iPhone/iPod Touch)

This post is part of the Casual Friday post series when every Friday for the next few months will be ‘Casual Friday’ where I will post some sort of blog post about casual gaming. We can’t all be hardcore gamers with month’s of play-time on our CVs, so now I’ve devoted an entire day to less obsessed gamers!

Doodle Jump Logo Doodle

How many of you have been sat in a lesson, at work or even been on the bus when you’ve broke out a paper & pencil and starting doodling just for the heck of it? My drawings may not be up to scratch or even be worth your 2 seconds of viewing time, but the folks at Lima Sky have done something once thought impossible : taken a doodle and made it awesome!

In Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump, you play as a lovable little alien-like scribble (as seen above), the adorable little guy is without a name so lets just call him (or her) ‘Doodle’. Doodle’s job, quite simply, is to jump and just keep jumping! The aim of the game is to get as high as you can by bouncing off of little platforms. You don’t have to press any buttons whatsoever as our friend Doodle jumps automatically. The only way to lose the game is to get hit by a monster, miss a platform, or jump on a partially cracked one which will break in 2 under Doodle’s scribbly weight. Sounds simple, right? It is, but with more obstacles in your way, it becomes oh-so-tricky!

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Oogly Boogly Screenshot Game Over Screnshot

Oogly boogly monsters (like my new adjectives?) of all shapes and sizes stand in your way, some flying overhead, others taking up precious space on the platforms that you have to bounce off. If Doodle’s head merely brushes against one of the monsters, it will spell GAME OVER for our cute little buddy as he’ll die and plummet down the screen. The only way to get past the pesky fiends is to tap the screen to fire pellets at them, get your dodge on and maneuver past them or to jump on their heads and give them a taste of their own medicine! Pow!

Pellets Screenshot
This game is an incredible amount of fun. An insane amount of effort must have gone into the game to create something so delicate and simple, like a blossoming flower, that you want to stamp on and then apologise to and give some water. Stamp on it you say? Yes, like most casual games, Doodle Jump is seriously infuriating and there have been times where I haven’t played it for hours, HOURS! The fact that it’s so fun and is a unique take on the platforming genre keeps me coming back to it and it’s this addictive little twist that will get you hooked too, despite the niggling feeling I have every time I play that I’ve played ‘this bit’ before.

You’d think that with big console hitters like Killzone 3and Call of Duty boasting eye-watering 1080p HD graphics a cheap 59p game on the iPhone and iPod Touch wouldn’t even come close and frankly, you’re right but the cutesy animation of Doodle Jump makes it just right for the casual audience and I’m hailing ‘Doodle’ as the Sackboy of touch-screens.

Jetpack Screenshot World Cup Screenshot

Speaking of visuals, now would be an excellent time to point out Doodle Jump’s super-cool updates. Unlike what happens with many console games, such as anything made before 2008, Lima Sky have not forgotten about their Doodle Jumping community as not only do they let you post your highest scores to the online leaderboard, they also regularly update the game with different themes, such as a space level, featuring rockets (!), a jungle setting which puts you in a rainforest-like level with Doodle as an intrepid explorer and there’s the more recent ‘World Cup’ theme in which Doodle is in a sports kit firing soccer/footballs at monsters dressed in different countries’ team colours. Lima Sky has always got our backs!

I truly believe that out of over 6000 games on the App store and of hundreds of thousand of other Apps, Doodle Jump is the only app of its kind and is one of the very few things that I advise you spend your well-earned (read-gifted) Apple Gift Card vouchers on. Why spend £40 – £50 (or $60) on a game that will last you 8 hours when you could spend 59 pennies or 99 cents on a game that can keep you entertained for a lifetime?


Overall Score : 9