OPM Talks to Killzone 3’s Art Director On the Game’s New Features


Dashing through the snow, in a chunky Helghan suit...

Mountains Oil Rig Sea

The crisp white snow, crunching seamlessly underfoot, the towering behemoth oil rig structures in the middle of a brisk, raging sea, surrounded by huge pale masses of icebergs and mountains. All of these new picturesque new pieces of eye-candy are in Killzone 3, as seen above (click the pictures to enlarge them) and are down to the artists at KZ3’s developer, Guerrilla Games, or more specifically, the Art Director – Jan-Bart van Beek, so don’t underestimate him, he knows what he’s talking about.

Recently, the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM_UK on Twitter) got the chance to interview the man with the crayons about the new features, settings & story that the game will surround. Here are the best snippets of the interview, revealing some very interesting new things that the sequel will include.

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In Killzone 2 you had the ability to brutally pound the Helghast soldiers with the end of your gun, meleeing the Helghan straight out of them. In Killzone 3, this has been improved with you being able to kick, punch and stab your way through enemies. While OPM say that they only saw about 6 different kills like this,  van Beek said :

We’re just going to keep filling it up until we never see repetition.

Good to hear as repetition is one of the things that frustrates me most in games.

On the subject of the new snowy Helghan planet van Beek says

We have one artist and he’s been modelling snow now for the last 3 months

and OPM proceeded to add this little snippet of info.

The Winter wonderland is just the beginning : you’ll be playing in nuclear wastelands, steamy jungles packed with Helghan patrols, arctic seas [featured in the screenshots] dotted with oil rigs and even in space.

Wow, space. I don’t know about you readers but I can’t wait to play an ISA soldier in space! That’s pretty big for a non-open-world FPS, I really hope Guerrilla can pull it off.

Jan-Bart van Beek also says, on the subject of the Helghast

They’re actually more technologically advanced than the ISA at this point

Boo Mr Beek! ISA pwn!!!!!11111!!!!! And all that… Seriously though, the Helghast having the upper hand? That could really change the gameplay that we’re used to.

[SPOILER] After Visari gets deaded at the end of Killzone 2, we’re introduced to 2 new baddies to takedown in Killzone 3, of which van Beek says

Those 2 main bad guys, Admiral Orloch who’s a military leader and Stahl, who’s more of an industrial leader…. he’s an inventor, he’s a clever guy but he’s very egotistical. The other one [Orloch] is all about brutal power and doesn’t need clever machinery.

Stahl and Orloch sound like 2 very different types of leaders and it has me wondering, although van Beek says that they’ll create “a new Helghast faction”, which suggests that the 2 leaders rule as one, will we see 2 types of missions, similar to that of EA’s upcoming Medal of Honor?

There are a lot of questions to answer, have your say in the comments section.