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For J Station X, my lovely little (and rather precious) corner of the web, I want to, no, have to stay informed on all of the new game happenings. Even though I don’t always post my findings on the site, I’m always looking around the web for new stuff. Every time a game has a trailer put on the web they put those little notices at the end that say ‘follow us on Twitter’ ‘friend us on Facebook’ and more often than not, they say ‘sign up on our website for game updates’. Now I’m on of those people who will follow, friend and sign-up, which is how I ended up with this exclusive.

I’ve been a fan of Codemasters’ games for a while, with my favourites being their Micro Machines series as well as the amazing GRID, I’m also looking forward to F1 2010, their Formula 1 driving sim and their upcoming shooter, Bodycount. Needless to say, with all these great games I found it necessary to sign up to their updates. In one of the E-Mails they sent out to sign-ups, they offered the chance to ‘have your say’ in the next game that they make which is how I nabbed this awesome exclusive of Codemasters’ next big original IP video game.

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Codemaster's Survey Screenshot 1

Now I’m no dummy, I know that you’ll be thinking in your head ‘why should we believe you, you’re just some 15 year old with a blog’ (a totally awesome blog may I add) which is exactly why I made sure to get this particular screenshot before I got to the good stuff. Notice how the survey uses the Codemasters logo and the web address is of the Codemasters official website . Right, now that I’ve proved the validity can we continue?

Codemaster's Survey Screenshot 2

After asking questions related to demographics e.g. age, gender etc. the 3rd question in the survey asked what I thought of the different themes listed. While every theme on the list looks different, you will notice some patterns and links between the proposed ideas. Ignoring the specifics and whittling the themes down to the basics shows that Codemasters’ next game will feature either guns, ghouls, magic or be set in the future. A game set in the past leading up to the current Space Age is also mentioned but after playing the marvellous Civilization games on PC as well the shockingly horrendous console port of the game, I don’t think they’re worth talking about.

Noticeably absent from the list are any sports or driving games, seeing as though Codies got shafted as EA have all of the big name sports on license and Codemasters only have cricket (yay! Anybody?) I doubt that they’ve even thought about that and they already have enough racing games to cover every Formula 1 and rally car event for the next decade so it’s good to see that they’re branching out a little in the world of gaming genres.

                                                     Codemaster's Survey Screenshot 3

Next up on the survey was this incredibly revealing question and as the title of it suggests their new game will be a strategy game. Now I fully trust Codemasters with what they make of a the game because they’re known for making impressive games and they never dip in quality regardless of the genre.

Codemaster's Survey Screenshot 4

This next question shows some of the features that may make up the game that Codemasters are working on. The fact that it has ‘playing against other players’ including in this list has given me high hopes for a multiplayer element to be included in the game (*not shown* – I gave it a 1) and it also makes me think that Codemasters might bring the game to consoles where almost every game released features some sort of multiplayer gameplay . Although strategy games don’t usually work on consoles (I’ve already mentioned my feelings about Civilization the civilization console port) I still look immensely forward to whatever amazing strategy gameplay fun that they can come up with.

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