5 Kickass Casual Video Games

This post is part of the Casual Friday post series when every (almost) Friday for the next few months will be ‘Casual Friday’ where I will post some sort of blog post about casual gaming. We can’t all be hardcore gamers with month’s of play-time on our CVs, so now I’ve devoted an entire day to less obsessed gamers!

5 Kickass Casual Video Games (wordle.net)

What do you think of the font? Snazzy, huh?

I haven’t posted anything for the ‘Casual Friday‘ post series in a while now, but just in case you were missing the casual gaming awesomeness usually associated with the start of your weekend, I’ve created an extra post just for you!

When you hear about most casual games, it’s usually on Twitter or through friends as there aren’t many reviews – today I’ve provided a little summary of the 5 games that you need to get for your PSP or iPod Touch/iPhone

Backbreaker Screenshot

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5. Backbreaker [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Backbreaker is a fast-paced American football sim that will have you cursing at the touch-screen like an angry soldier; on a bad day.

The game allows you to create your own character (I called mine Reggie after the New Orleans’ Saints QB) as well as customising their snazzy football get-ups.

In challenge mode (pictured), you have to use fancy footwork, including ; dukes, spins and good ol’-fashioned sprinting to dodge past the AI opponents to reach the end-zone.

You can get the game and scream TOUCHDOWN! until the cows come home because it’s on the Apple app store for just 59p.

Click ‘Read More’to see the rest of the games in the line-up

4. Age of Zombies [PSP]

Age of Zombies pits you, humorous, macho, mercenary Barry Steakfries as the killer of all things undead and nasty. Shotguns, grenades and a couple of types of machine gun are at your disposal, equalling a whole lot of zombified fun. Read my full reviewhere.

Rock Band Screenshot 1

Image viavideogames.techfresh.net

3. Rock Band [iPhone/IPod Touch]

When it comes to console versions, Rock Band kicks the other music-peripheral-gaming-madness in the ass. Yeah, that’s right Activision! And in the realm of handhelds, it rings true again.

Rock Band for iPhone/iPod Touch is everything that the original, console version is (which is excellent) and get this, handheld Rock Band is better than console Guitar Hero, shock!

While it cost me almost £3 ($4.70) to buy the app a few months ago, the price is well worth it!

Angry Birds Screenshot 1

Image via theappera.com

2. Angry Birds [iPhone/iPod Touch]

This is the game that 1,000s of procrastinating Twitter users told you about (in 140 characters or less) , proclaiming how awesome the game is. I succumbed to their tales of this amazing game and bought it for myself.

You put various types of very, angry birds in a catapult (including bomb birds, speed birds and eggs-that-are-actually-bombs-laying birds) and attempt to knock down structures and defeat the mean egg-capturing pigs! It makes perfect sense really. There are loads of levels on offer for your enjoyment and the graphics are quite surprisingly good, considering the format.

Jetpack Screenshot

1. Doodle Jump [iPhone/iPod Touch]

There’s a reason that Doodle Jump is on the top of this list and it’s because I can’t give enough praise to this game as it’s my 3rd favourite platformer with cutesy graphics after Little Big Planet and LBP2. It’s honestly quite difficult to explain how awesome Doodle Jump is so go and read my full reviewhere.

What great casual games have you played? – Leave a comment!

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  • http://www.webdesigntaxi.com/blog/ Brandon @ Web Design

    I think that ‘Pain’ should be on your list. Great game and funny! I have to replace our SATA hdd to get the PS3 going again, but as soon as I do, that’s the first game I am re-downloading.

    • http://jstationx.com Jasmine Henry

      I’ve heard some great things about PAIN! but I’ve never actually tried it out. I think it looks like a lot of fun but I’d become bored quite quickly with it.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • http://madgearsolid.com cront

    Doodle Jump is awesome. I’d also put Orba (iPod), Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess (PSP) and Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent (iPod, PC) in there too. But that would make 8, so you’d really have to get two more to add to it 😉

    • http://jstationx.com Jasmine Henry

      You recommended the last one to me before, so once I get some funds and buy it for myself, I’ll most likely end up agreeing with you!
      Will check out Orba, I’ve not head of that one if I’m honest and I’ve heard great things from a lot of people about Monsters…

      I’m actually considering writing another post like this, with a few added extras, so I’d appreciate any more suggestions just in case I do decide to write the sequel post, lol :)