[MEDIA PARTY] – Vanquish, COD Black Ops & Penny Arcade

It’s time for another round-up of epic, gaming-related gems that I’ve found on the Internet. Gosh, it feels like a long time since I last did a media party post! Anyway, to compensate for the whole lack of a media party post in a while, I bring you a round-up of greatness that, if you’re anything like me, will make you laugh, surprise you and make you say OMG! (maybe)

With content about Call of Duty Black Ops, Platinum Games’ Vanquish and a comic strip from the Penny Arcade site, this media party post would only get more awesome if it featured Chuck Norris. Which, after that sentence, it totally does!

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Q : What do you call someone who keeps getting pwned by people who are half their age?

A : A Middle-Aged gamer.

Below is a comic from the hilarious guys at Penny-Arcade.com who’ve drawn this up to show us all what would happen if grown-ups had their own multiplayer playlists.

Penny Arcade Comic 1 - penny-arcade . c o m

See, this is why I don't let my parents play online.

Click the picture to make it larger.

Comic via Penny-Arcade.com

Also in this post of awesome and because I’m a gamer in the body of a glorified hippy (that’s a joke, duuuuuddddeee!) the next great thing that you should see tells you to support the gaming ‘scene’. The post is from the fantastic guys over at MadGearSolid.com encouraging you to go out and pick up Vanquish, a truly impressive game that doesn’t seem to be getting any love from the public. I’ve played it and think it’s nothing short of being ‘amazing’ so go and read their post (which you can find here) and find out why you should get it too.

To round off this edition of media party, I’ve got an absolute bargain for Call of Duty Black Ops. The game’s out on Tuesday so it’s important that you read this if you want the best deal on the game. The Twitter page @ukgamedeals tweeted out that they wanted suggestions for bargains we wanted to know and with you, fellow, avid gamers in mind, I asked for a Black Ops bargain. They came up with this > click here to read the tweet they sent me with a great COD bargain.

Ok, that’s it for another edition of media party! Thank you very much for reading and if you have any cool gaming articles, videos or images that you think should be featured, send them in a tweet to @Jasmino924 or even send me an email to Jasmine@JStationX.com .

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