J Station X Needs You! – Call of Duty Black Ops

For the sole reason that I want to hear your views and opinions and not because I’m too lazy to write a review, I would really like your lovely, video-game-playing self to send me your opinions on a little game that you may have heard of – Call of Duty : Black Ops.

It doesn’t matter what console you’re playing on, I’d just like to know what you think about the game ( single, multiplayer mode or both).

To send me your thoughts (and possibly get featured on the site!) you can either send me your views (max. 3 sentences) via

1. Email > Jasmine@JStationX.com is the address.
2. Twitter – @Jasmino924
3. Leave a comment!

Thank you in advance for your opinions, I look forward to reading them :)

– Jasmine Henry
Head Editor of J Station X