[MEDIA PARTY] – LA Noire, Dead Rising 2 & Deus Ex Human Revolution

MEDIA PARTY (wordle.net)

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It’s been a bit of a big week for video games. Yes, I am fully aware that Call of Duty Black Ops was released last week and not in the past 7 days, but this week, I’ve been running around like an excited toddler with their first sugar rush because of the new LA Noire promo content as well as the release of one of my most highly anticipated games of 2010, Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood.

If you missed any of the greatness that has landed on the web in the past 7 days, don’t worry because I, Jasmine, have got your back with my weekly MEDIA PARTY round-up up of cool!

This week I have a link to a preview of LA Noire, some Dead Rising 2 lulz (read : a funny DR2 pic) and a fresh video of Deus Ex Human Revolution gameplay that can be viewed in glorious HD.

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I’m that nerd at school who never gets invited to the ‘popular’ parties and unfortunately for me, that follows me into my blogging too (boohoo, cry me a river!) so with that in mind, I wasn’t invited to a recent press event where bloggers got to have a little taster of what’s in store for us in LA Noire. However, Kotaku, those great, big, popular high-school jocks, were and you can read their eyes on preview of LA Noire here.

Anyone who’s visited the fellow gaming blog that J Station X is partnered with, Mad Gear Solid, knows that  they have a widget displaying their posts from their Tumblr Feed. The MGS Tumblr site is basically a goldmine for great gaming images and I’ve found one from a few weeks ago that might make you giggle. Check it out below.

Dead Rising 2

Katie's 7, she's old enough to get her own damn Zombrex!

Image via VGCats.com

Finally, and I’m possibly saving the best till last (depending on your opinion) I have the new video of Deus Ex Human Revolution gameplay that was only posted on the web a few days ago. Enjoy :)

Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay video via DeusExOfficial on YouTube

Once again, that’s it for this week’s MEDIA PARTY post, feel free to send any links to cool gaming related posts/images or videos to