Hidden Gems of the Gaming World : Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 logo

Fancy rocking out in style with a plastic guitar? Of course you do!

Rock Band. Developed by Harmonix who are owned by MTV, the Daddy of all things music-related. Published by EA, who know a thing or 2 about creating successful franchises with the Need For Speed, FIFA and the Skate series being just a few of their best series’.

However, despite all of the knowledge and experience possessed by EA, MTV and Harmonix who’ve undoubtedly made the best music game on the market with Rock Band 3, they just couldn’t  make the game sell well, with RB3 selling just 7,386 copies in the UK during its first week, across all formats.

As I just said, I think that Rock Band 3 is a tremendous game and it even took home the award of ‘Best Music Game’ at this year’s Spike VGAs so click ‘Read More’ to find out exactly why you should buy it.

Rock Band 3 Screenshot 1

Drummer Girl takes 2nd place in the 'grizzly facial expression' contest!

Unfortunately for EA, the music-game genre is a little over-saturated. Actually, scratch that, the music-game genre is EXTREMELY over-saturated with Activision churning out wave after wave of Guitar Hero sequels and Karaoke simulation enthusiasts are having their every need satisfied in the for of the SIngstar games and more recently, the ‘not-what-I-would-call-a-playable-video-game’ of the official, X Factor branded. singing sim. I think that’s the reason for the game not selling well. Well, there’s that, and the fact that the peripherals required are uber-expensive!

Money and other not-as-good music games aside, I don’t think that that’s any excuse for people not to buy the game. Sure, the cost and the competitors are the reason behind the game not selling well but I think that people must be seriously misinformed on how much fun Rock Band 3 is because it really is fantastic.

Rock Band 3 Screenshot 2

Drummer Girl was only beaten by the constipated expression of the keyboard player.

At the moment I’ve been scrimping, saving and selling things on EBay just so I can be able to afford the game and its plastic controllers for myself as I’ve played the game with friends who are lucky enough to have enough cash to be able to afford it and I know that it’s worth every precious penny.

If you didn’t know, Rock Band 3 packs an absolutely killer setlist, including Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold and Jimi Hendrix – 3 of my faves! And the game also supports the brand new Keyboard peripheral allowing you to rock out (or tentatively tap your fingers) to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody till you can’t rock no more!

Between the incredible list of 83 songs on the disc (for PS3 and Xbox 360) , the keyboard and the epic amount of DLC that is on the PS Store or XBL Marketplace, it’s obvious that Harmonix have gone to the ends of the Earth for us to make Rock Band 3 a game worth of our playtime so it would be a disappointment to see their hard work go to waste by not buying the game – so please go out and get it!

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