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I love the PlayStation Store. And the XBLA for that matter. For the price just one good hard-copy of a game, you can download ten great ones from the comfort of your own home. I don’t have enough time in a day to complete all of the ace downloadable titles that I’m forever spending my funds on, there’s just that much to choose from.

PSN title ‘Shatter’ is one of these games that is hastily sapping away my free time. Shatter is an incredibly vibrant game with eye-popping visuals and is both frustrating yet limitlessly fun. That being said, you’ve probably never heard of it. I decided to give Shatter a go after I found out that my friend cront ( from our sister site MadGearSolid – @cront on Twitter!) had been playing it. With the knowledge of cront’s epically good taste in the back of my mind, I downloaded it from the PlayStation Store and found it to be so awesome that I’m recommending it to you!

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Have you ever played a game with graphics so good that your mouth drops open and you say ‘WOW’ ? Well that’s how it was for me when I first played Shatter. There was me foolishly thinking that amazing graphics are only granted to games on discs with big budgets and even bigger amounts of data. Needless to say, I was proved wrong as Shatter is the best-looking game I’ve ever downloaded, with each level employing some impressive lighting and stunningly bright colours.

Shatter is also classically fun. The gameplay follows the very simple ‘hit a ball off a paddle to smash bricks’ (as seen in the sreenshots) and is something that has been adapted from the early days of gaming in PONG and many arcade style games since. This basic level of fun is what got a lot of people into the gaming scene in the first place and with good reason too as the gameplay never gets old or ‘unfun’ and will keep you compelled and playing until the wee hours of the morning.

Shatter is so classic in fact, that it even features boss battles. WIN!

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I've got so much love for this game

I’m a student. This means that I have less money than ‘that’ homeless guy on the high street. It also means that I am rather stingy. Especially when it comes to games as they’re so damn expensive these days! It takes a lot of convincing for me to go out and buy a game, more so with downloadable titles, the latter of which I won’t get unless a) a friend has recommended it (as is the case with Shatter) or b) it’s free (again, as is the case with Shatter). That’s right Shatter is free. Well, sort of. If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, you can get the game for free and considering the other stuff that they’ve been giving out (Killzone 3 and DCUO betas) signing up to PS Plus is well worth it!

What are you waiting for? Go and download Shatter form the PS Store now!

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  • cront

    And to think, I only got it because it was free!

    Next up are my recommendations of fl0w, flower, pixeljunk shooter, pixeljunk eden, and probably more 😉

    • http://jstationx.com Jasmine Henry

      Haha 😀

      I’ll be getting those as soon as they become free or if I randomly manage to secure some money soon!