Best Advert for a Video Game ever? EA shows Ubisoft how it’s done

Sims 3 Medieval Screenshot 1

Sims Medieval has crime & punishment, veggie patch monsters and zombie sheikhs. Apparently...

Ubisoft take note! After the absolute farce/shambles/general pile of crap that was the advertising campaign of Ubisoft’s new ‘suggestive’ Wii party game (which bordered on just plain perverted), EA teach their fellow publisher how to advertise a game the right way.

Peep the video for the Sims 3 Medieval expansion pack, featuring Scrubs’ Turk (Donald Faison) after the break.


The Sims Medieval TV Advert via GaloreNetwork on YouTube

“Now I’m a bard, that’s medieval for lady candy!” – haha, hilarious stuff right there!

Bravo EA, bravo, if only every advert were like that…

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