Hidden Gems of the Gaming World : UFC Undisputed 3

Hidden Gems of the Gaming World is a post series here on J Station X that talks about the games that you should buy (though will most likely overlook).

UFC Undisputed 3 Screenshot 1

It’s easy to overlook the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) genre of fighting games when you have titles like ‘Supremacy MMA’ representing their corner in the same way that rats do for the rodent community.Then there’s the fact that we have so many other fighters on store shelves, there’s EA and their aptly titled ‘EA Sports MMA’, EA again with the Fight Night series and THQ (who are also the publishers of UFC) with the series that eschews realism in every way imaginable, the WWE franchise. We’re hardly stuck for choice.

With all of those games vying for your attention, the absolute gems that are the other two games in the UFC Undisputed series as well as the upcoming addition, UFC Undisputed 3, might get passed up on. That’s why the game is this week’s Hidden Gem of the Gaming World.

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While THQ’s other smash-your-opponent’s-face-into-pulp – em-up, WWE 12, prides itself on the insanity of the sport it’s conveying, Undisputed 3 does the total opposite. It’s a rarity for a game to be able to pull off a sense of realism the way the Undisputed games do so successfully, it’s refreshing and gives you peace of mind of the effort that’s gone into the realism, you know, even when you are primarily focused on rearranging your opponents face, with your FISTS and where WWE has always been on point, UFC’s character development has lacked. Playing as Johnny No-name became tedious in the first games pretty soon-ish and say what you want about the outstanding level of cheese factor that each character story in the Smackdown vs Raw games would reach, you couldn’t beat playing through a career as your favourite superstar. It’s something that other sports rivals like the FIFA franchise have succeeded in recently so it’s fantastic that Yuke’s (UFC Undisputed 3’s developer) is finally bucking their ideas up.

UFC Undisputed 3 Screenshot 3

My final reason for loving the Undisputed series is that the amount of fun that you have trying to tread down your opponent’s will to fight is remarkable. I’ve spoken about sports games trading fun for realism before on J Station X but somehow the UFC games have always got this right. Even when you’ve spent the better part of 2 rounds getting in prissy little hits that barely graze the other fighters cheek, nothing can beat the exhilarating rush of excitement that floods your brain when you go in for a heavy blow and get an instant knock out. Very little can beat that.

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