What Everybody Ought to Know About Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Logo

The Internet was a flutter yesterday when Capcom dropped the massive (if not slightly obvious) bombshell that Resident Evil 6 is in full development but not only that, they also revealed that it will be out in just a matter of months.

Tweets were tweeted, exclamations marks were posted in their thousands and keyboards were smashed furiously in excitement over the news and there’s a strong likelihood that you were one of the many millions of rabid undead enthusiasts who flocked to YouTube to watch the trailer.

However, only so much can be expressed in a 3 and-a-half minute video which is why I’ve put together a round-up of the need to know facts about the game (and yes I’ve included the trailer just in case you want to watch it again!)

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Who will you play as in Resident Evil 6?

The official word from Capcom is that Resi 6 will have you playing as both Leon Kennedy (who will also be seen in the upcoming Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City) and Chris Redfield (from Resi 5).

Capcom have also said that

They will be joined by new characters, each with their own unique perspective and involvement

I’m betting my money on the girl in the teaser image (as pictured below) being playable at some point.

RE6 Teaser Artwork

What’s the story?

It’s a decade after all of the hoohah at Raccoon City has gone down and the President of the United States whips up a brilliant plan to tell the world what really happened (because that won’t do cause mass hysteria at all). In true video game fashion, it all goes a bit pear-shaped and the POTUS becomes infected, but good ol’ Leon Kennedy (who is a friend of his), is on hand to unload a magazine of bullets into his face. Meanwhile, Chris Redfield, member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (try saying that with a half eaten brain!) is being badass, speaking Mandarin and killing stuff half way across the world in China, which is also under threat from those blasted zombies.

It’s up to you, as Leon, Chris and the “new characters”, to save the day.

What will Resi 6 look like?

As promised, here is the trailer, just in case you missed it (were you napping during the hysteria?) or in case you’re ravenous enough (as I am) to want to watch it for the 50th time.

Resident Evil 6 Official Trailer via ResidentEvil on YouTube

When will it be released?

20th of November, 2012. (That’s before the apocalypse, yippee!)

*BONUS* – If you pre-order Resident Evil 6 at GameStop, Best Buy or Amazon.com, you’ll get an exclusive map that will “function with various modes in the game”.

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