Take the First Look at Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Single Player Mode

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Screenshot

In the 1900s when they said that the future would be all hovercars, floating buildings and weather-control machines (even more bizarre predictions here) they were wrong. Of course they were, our society’s inventors can’t even make un-rippable socks!

Instead, the future that we may be faced with actually bears a lot closer to the current futuristic trend in video games with invisibility cloaks, backpack missile launchers and nifty AR eye-patches being the norm. One game that embodies that perfectly is Ghost Recon Future Soldier which is based on some very real, very thought out predictions by top military types and today Ubisoft released the first look at the game’s single player mode.

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Single Player Trailer via ubisoft on YouTube

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