Song of the Week – Batman at the Disco

Batman Arkham City Screenshot 6

It’s a little known fact that Batman’s full title is ‘Batman : Gotham city detective, owner of invisible nipples (see picture above), purveyor of good music’. Strangely, that’s not listed on any of his Wiki pages so I wouldn’t bother looking that up…

Despite that not being the *real* pseudonym of DC’s most popular caped crusader, his superb taste in music does ring true. Case in point – the official Batman Arkham City Soundtrack, a selection of delicious alt-rock delights, which come together to form a fantastic listing of tracks that embody the dark, ill-lit streets of Arkham City, as well as the mind-twisting menaces that in habit them.

Taken from the soundtrack as this week’s Song of the Week is the song ‘Mercenary’ by the American alt/pop-rock duo, Panic! At The Disco. But don’t let that seemingly misplaced exclamation mark fool you, this band may be slighter softer and more radio friendly than past SOTW inductees, Metallica, but their strong guitar hooks and grown-up lyrics make them more likely to be found doing shots in a Vegas casino than on your teenage sister’s iPod.

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Panic! At The Disco Mercenary Lyric Video via FueledByRamen on YouTube

Like this song? – The full Batman Arkham City Soundtrack including this song (as well as some more admittedly heavier offerings) is available here.