Skyrim Lag Issues Solved, Xbox 720 and PS Vita Qs + More, Answered

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In the poll in our sidebar, we’re currently asking you who you like best – Nathan Drake from Uncharted or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but today JSX is taking a time out from asking you questions (though you should go and vote, the winner gets a special feature post!) to answer some of the qs that you’re burning to know the answers to.

Last time, we answered some cracking queries about Fallout 4, the next Call of Duty and GTA V. This week we’re answering your questions about fixing Skyrim, the PS Vita launch line-up and the Xbox 720.

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Which Games Should I Get for My PS Vita?

5 days to go until the launch of the PS Vita (outside of Japan, anyway)! Are you excited? I am.

If you’re lucky enough to have the funds to support an early adoption of the console, then a) I envy you and b) you’re in for a treat because the PS Vita has one of the best launch line-ups of any console in video game history.

We’ve covered FIFA Football (the handheld version of FIFA 12 etc.), Ulitmate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as they’re two of the best – well, almost the entire roster of launch titles is brilliant but they’re the ones that stick out the most for me as they seem to convert well to handheld whilst making excellent use of the PS Vita’s features too. And of course, I couldn’t finish this answer with recommended Uncharted Golden Abyss too, which most certainly holds its own when compared to its bigger, PS3 brothers.

Should I Save Up For the Xbox 720?

I sincerely promise you that this isn’t an answer fuelled by fangirl bias but if there was one thing that I would strongly advise against it would be storing your money away in preparation for the Xbox 720. In my Xbox 720 rumour round-up, I told you about all of the (maybe factually correct but currently speculatory) rubbish that is floating about the airwaves about Microsoft’s *yet* unannounced console, but if I was basing my answer on the speculations and industry history (which I am) I would say that for the time being, you should avoid it.

We don’t know what the Xbox 720 will be capable of but it sounds like it’s trying to do an awful lot which will cost you an arm, a leg and probably an organ so in the meantime just save your pennies and renew your Xbox Live subscription instead.

How Do You Fix Skyrim on PS3?

Simple answer – install the 1.4 patch that Bethesda have released for the game.

Okay, still not working for you? Right, the official word from Bethesda is that if it’s not working, then it’s your fault. Thankfully, they took some time out of their day from handing the blame over to you and I, the innocent Skyrim players, to provide some helpful advice.

They say that after downloading the patch, you should start a fresh save file i.e don’t start a new game, just make a new save (as opposed to overwriting an existing one), they also suggest restarting your console after the update, though it’s possible that it could take the game a little bit of time to ‘rewire’ itself accordingly to accommodate the update. After that, however, it should work exactly how it should have in the first place!

NBA 2K12, Madden NFL 12 or NHL 12?

The short answer is this – NBA 2K12 is more difficult than being colourblind and trying to diffuse a bomb. Whilst blindfolded. NHL 12 is just like its predecessors ; poking people with your stick (not in a Mass Effect sexy-times sort of way), causing trouble and knocking about a black disc on the ice, nothing revolutionary, give it a miss. Buy Madden NFL 12, if only to recreate this year’s SuperBowl and have the Patriots really get revenge on the Giants.

Shorter answer – ignore me and choose which ever sport you most enjoy watching, then buy that game.

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