Silent Hill HD Collection Broken on PS3, Patch on the way

UPDATE: Konami has reported that the patch should be up soon and that the EU PS3 version does not have any of the issues that the North American version has before the patch.

Reports are coming in that while Silent Hill HD Collection is a great purchase and port for the Xbox 360, the PS3 version is absolutely terrible in comparison. However, there is a patch on the way to sort out all of these problems that should be released soon Konami reported earlier today.

Silent Hill 2 HD PS3 Glitch video via  on YouTube

As shown in this video, you’re unable to correctly run properly in Silent Hill 2 without stopping constantly. This, along with the lack of numerous effects in both Silent Hill 2 and 3, horrible frame rate later in the game pushes Silent Hill HD Collection to be a completely different horrifying experience than intended. However, the recent patch on the way is set to fix all of the problems that existed on the PS3 version along with the audio problems that also existed on the 360 version.

  • Jon

    Silent Hill 3 doesnt stutter like that..

    BUT it does lag very very badly. so half of the game your running in slow motion. and i have had 3 playthroughs. trying to get all the trophies. and each playthrough the game has frozen in DIFFERENT locations.

    l mean seriously KONAMI. you delayed this game 5 times. your suppose to make this better not worse. l paid $70 for this here in australia. $70 for 2 PS2 titles. i want the damn thing to work. well we havnt gotten a patch here in australia yet. but even if this patch fixes everything that was wrong. l still will not be buying your upcoming Zone Of Enders HD collection. and unless you fix this ASAP i can assure you,pretty much everyone who was going to buy that collection will say NOWAY. not after what you did with SilentHill.

    • Myles

      It is actually debatable that the patch fixed nothing sadly, it’s a total shame that we can’t even have the proper performance that the Xbox 360 version has. Playing through Silent Hill 2 myself it isn’t too bad, but in some areas it’s absolutely horrible. It doesn’t ruin the game but it isn’t a great experience at times.

      Keep in mind, ZOE HD Collection is being developed by BluePoint Games (MGS HD Collection, GOW HD Collection, ICO & SOTC HD) instead of Hijinx Studios (SH HD Collection) and I’m looking forward to it because Kojima has quite a lot of involvement in it like MGS HD Collection.