Rock Band Blitz – Seven Things You Need to Know

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What’s a better a music game than Rock Band? Nothing that’s what.

Sure, Guitar Hero has a stellar line up of songs (many of which make up our Song of the Week picks) but the undisputable top dog, in terms of gameplay, is the rock-so-hard-it’ll-blow-your-socks-off, Rock Band.

While many assumed that the Rock Band series would perhaps be dead in the water after poor sales of Rock Band 3 struck the series hard – in addition to the 50% revenue decrease in the music rhythm game genre and the fierce competition in the form of Guitar Hero – this meant that although Rock Band 3 was one of the most fun to play games (of any genre) out there, the series plateaued.

However, (!) Rock Band fans need not mourn any more as just yesterday, Harmonix announced another Rock Band game – Rock Band Blitz.
If you like music, which you probably do, you need to read this : I’ve gone to the lengths of putting together a Rock Band Blitz cheat sheet, clueing you in on everything you need to know about Harmonix’ new game.

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How will Rock Band Blitz play?

Unlike the very serious, relatively buttoned-up gameplay of the previous Rock Band games, where the focus was on realistic rocking out that made you put in the work to become a rock god, Rock Band Blitz takes a more arcade-y approach, with the emphasis being on pure single player fun this time round as opposed embodying an actual day job.

Also – for the first time ever, the Rock Band series is ditching the clunky plastic instruments in favour of your Dualshock controller or your Xbox 360 pad (you’re now able you to control up to five instruments with one controller) – good news for thumbstick aficionados and fans of storage space alike.

What does Rock Band Blitz look like?

Below is a video of some Rock Band Blitz gameplay footage, in the game’s announcement trailer. Like I said, it really is a colourful shredfest, hopefully the new emphasis on ‘good times’ will resonate, as the gameplay still looks incredible, even if the core mantra behind it isn’t the same.

Rock Band Blitz Announcement Trailer via RockBandAide on YouTube

What songs will be in Rock Band Blitz?

If you own an older copy of Rock Band and then decide to buy Rock Band Blitz, you’re in luck – every single game from previous Rock Band games, including all of the songs you purchased from the Rock Band Network will be available – all 3,000+ of them. Though even if you haven’t got a copy of the game (which, to be fair, Rock Band 3 is only $30 on Amazon) you’ll be able to play through the collection of 25 songs that will come with the game when you download it.

Some of these include

  • Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars
  • Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
  • Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

Rock Band Blitz is downloadable?


Rather than being able to pop it in your Xbox 360 or PS3 in shiny disc form, you’ll instead be able to download it from the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store with Rock Band Blitz taking advantage of the networking capabilities by using your online status to provide you with recommendations of songs you should play or things that you might like to purchase from the Rock Band Network – based on your tastes as well as what your friends have bought and played.

Will Rock Band Blitz have multiplayer?

Speaking of friends – friends can challenge you to beat their scores (and claim bragging rights) but Rock Band Blitz is a single player game. However (and that’s a big however), when speaking to G4TV about the game, Matthew Nordhaus – Project Director, Harmonix referred to Rock Band Blitz as

…a single player game, primarily.

To me, the “primarily” leaves room for a multiplayer mode (even if it will be secondary), something that wouldn’t go amiss given how social the game is shaping up to be, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything about it.

When is Rock Band Blitz out?

As witnessed in that announcement trailer, the Rock Band Blitz release date is Summer 2012. Rather vague, I know, though I wouldn’t put any money on that being a definitive release window for the game, as, while it would give them some leg room given that few games are released during the Summertime, it’s not very specific which is odd – you’d think that they might have a more concrete date given that Rock Band Blitz has been under wraps for “quite some time”. Again, I’ll update the site with the info, should it be revealed.

Anything else about Rock Band Blitz?

One more thing is that just like the previous Rock Band games, Rock Band Blitz will receive weekly content updates, so you’ll have new songs to play through for many years to come!

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