Being a Gamer Helps Your Relationship Status, New Study Shows

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Gone are the days of gamers being shunned for being too ‘weird’ or too ‘quirky’. Banished are the stereotypes of us all being sexually charged teenage boys with too much time on our hands. Gaming myths are about to get a superkick in the butt as a new study from The More You Ferrigknow, led by super-fit actor, professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe, Lou Ferrigno, shows that actually, us gamers do alright when it come to the ‘love and all that other stuff’ front.

The survey, which questioned World of Warcraft players, a group of gamers who are, perhaps, the most lambasted for their gaming habits, showed that 74% of WoW players are lucky in love with fellow gamers, which, in contrast to the fact that 43% of non-gaming Americans are single, is a pretty big deal.

There’s a video of Mr Ferrigno clueing us in on this interesting bit of stat-age here.

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