Which Video Games Would You Like to Vote On Next?

Years of blogging, Internet trolling and very real, actual, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH*, has taught us here at J Station X that you like having an opinion, but most of all you like it when people actually listen to the thinky-thoughts that are bouncing around in your noggin.

That’s why we have the monthly poll, where we give you two video games/franchise/characters/in-game scenes and get you to vote for the one you like best, and whoever gets the most votes in their corner gets a Very Special Post dedicated to them.

So, in a series of incredibly meta events, we are asking you, our lovely readerbase of coolcats and homedawgs – what is it that you’d like to vote on next?

Whether it be Call of Duty vs Battlefield, Kratos vs Zeus or even Johnny Sasaki’s bout of diarrhoea vs Solid Snake hiding in a cardboard box, whatever you want to vote on, let us know in the comments, and we’ll put it to a vote once the current polls ends.

*scientific research doesn’t exist, we’re just going on a probably accurate hunch.