New Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Builds a Future, Judges You

Max Payne 3 New York Screenshot 3

What a lovely break yesterday was as America celebrated Mother’s Day and me, a Brit, took full advantage of it. Well, welcome back today where we can now celebrate the fact that shooting people in the face and serving justice is really awesome.

This hefty slice of justice and the epic gunfights are, of course, thanks to none other than one Max Payne, whose third video game outing, Max Payne 3, is released on Friday.

In this Max Payne 3 launch trailer, Max talks about the two kinds of people who inhabit the world, those who “build a future” and those who try and “rebuild the past”. He says that he has always hovered in the middle but now plans on fixing this in Max Payne 3, but that won’t stop him from relegating you from his social circle should you fall into the latter category.

Best stay out of his way should you cross paths with him then…

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Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer via Games on YouTube

The Max Payne 3 release date is May 18th.

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