Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Highlights Trailer, Prepare for Brutal Combat

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 3

Now this one’s not for the faint-hearted and in hindsight, I maybe should have posted this before the lunchtime food rush with your stomach full and your body in no state to watch a minute long trailer of some of the most brutal combat that you will probably ever see in a video game.

Nonetheless, here we are and Sleeping Dogs is that game with the combat that packs a punch, a sawblade (to the face) and an grizzly impalement. More bloody than a back alley brawl and slicker than the gel-styled hair of an Italian mobster, the combat shown off in this new Sleeping Dogs trailer seems to be more fluid (and most importantly, more fun) than that of its closest rival, Grand Theft Auto, or even that of the insanely brilliant Uncharted 3.

We’ll have to wait a bit later in the year to actually get to play it for ourselves but right now, this new Sleeping Dogs trailer is more than enough to keep us hungry for the full game.

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Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Highlights Trailer via gamespot on YouTube

The Sleeping Dogs release date is August 17th, 2012. Click here to to pre-order it.

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