Sleeping Dogs Trailer and New Screenshots Arrive Jam-Packed With Action

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 13

In the last Sleeping Dogs trailer, we saw main man Wei Shen break approximately a 7 gazillion faces within the 1 and a half minute trailer of Sleeping Dogs gameplay highlight, and it turns out that he’s really good at it, so we’re in good hands with the combat.

In another one of the game’s earlier trailers we saw the beautifully done driving gameplay, which resembled Grand Theft Auto 4 more than previous iterations of the GTA series has. All good stuff.

Today we have a new trailer for you (along with some Sleeping Dogs screenshots) that shows off more of these things, with an extra side of alleyway thuggery and angry Chinese shouting. You can watch it (and view those new screenshots) after the break.

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Sleeping Dogs 101 Trailer via AnjelSyndicate on YouTube

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 5Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 6Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 7Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 8Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 9Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 10Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 11Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 12Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 13Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 14Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 15Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 16

The Sleeping Dogs release date is August 17th, 2012. Click here to to pre-order it.

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