Who Won Our May-June Poll?

Two of gaming’s biggest titans.

The world’s best selling video game franchise versus the series that is looking to steal its crown.

Of course it could only be Call of Duty vs Battlefield which was our May to June poll.

Taking this ‘poll winner’ award with twice as many votes was BATTLEFIELD, which recieved 67% of the votes while Call of Duty received a meek 33%.

So, it’s official that JSX readers are over the rather same-y first person shooting template and much prefer Battlefield’s ability to shake things up (just a little bit, anyway). Perhaps Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will change that?

While we’re waiting to see what comes of the losing franchise, you can now vote in the June-July poll which is a big one….XBOX 360 vs PS3. Oh yes, your favourite consoles are now going head to head.

Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Thanks again readers,

Jasmine, Head Editor of J Station X