E3 Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Now Live

Dishonored Screenshot 8

Yes, I know that it’s been a month since E3 (as well as the subsequent release of the E3 Dishonored gameplay trailer) but in my defence, it has taken me that long to get through the awesomeness that is the Dishonored gameplay footage that Bethesda offered up at the convention (which, is a valid excuse if there ever was one).

If you haven’t seen it, then after your first viewing (of many, no doubt) you’ll have to take a while to get through it too – don’t worry if the entire 3 and a half minute trailer gets a bit confusing, the E3 Dishonored gameplay trailer can be summarised with the following – singing choir children are never not creepy and the plague will forever be the grossest thing to ever happen to society. The amount of claret on show would put Sweeney Todd to shame. Also, something about rats.

Now that you have the general gist of Dishonored, scroll below to watch the gameplay footage so that you too can be impressed/baffled/generally awestruck by Bethesda’s upcoming assassin sandbox title.

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E3 Dishonored gameplay trailer via machinima on YouTube

The Dishonored release date is October 9th, 2012. – Click here to pre-order the game.