EA Includes Female Hockey Players in NHL 13, Predicts the Future

Someday, the National Hockey League will be known by its full name as the National Hockey League for men, women and anyone else who wants to play because we aren’t exclusionary dickbags and the person writing this is incredibly hopeful. A woman has yet to play for the NHL in a regular season game, but we’re making progress – in video games at least, thanks to NHL 13.

EA, well into keeping with the NHL’s unofficial (and entirely made up by be) name are putting two female ice hockey players into their game of the sport, NHL 13. Sandwich jokes and comments about wombs/baby-making and/or homekeeping be damned (!) because finally women are going to be slapshotting and fightpicking with the men.

In NHL 12, EA introduced female characters into their Be a Pro mode “based on a request from a 14-yr old female fan who emailed our staff because she felt underrepresented as a hockey videogame fan”, says Dean Richards, General Manager, NHL, EA SPORTS, proving that EA are the best and develop their games with a work ethic comparable to sunshine, rainbows and your favourite chocolate bar. That 14 year old is going to be overjoyed when she sees that “Team USA superstar Angela Ruggiero will join former Team Canada great Hayley Wickenheiser” in the game and if you were wondering why these two women in particular got picked to play alongside their male, ice-skating associates, the fact that the two of them are not just one, but FOUR-TIME OLYMPIC ICE HOCKEY MEDALLISTS (Angela has a gold, silver and bronze to her name, while Hayley has a silver and 3 golds) meaning that not only are they undoubtedly more qualified than some of the men to be in the game, they are also certifiably awesome.

The press release with all of the info about this monumental decision also included this bookmark-worthy quote from EA – “The addition of women’s hockey legends as playable characters within the EA SPORTS NHL franchise is the continuation of a commitment that the development team made to create greater representation for women’s hockey beginning with NHL 12.”

The lack of badass female characters in video games is something I’m going to write a post about at a later date but for now I think it’s cool that EA are being part of the future with NHL 13, a future where badass sports men and women are playing their sports alongside each other, represented equally in video games and in real life, so I commend you for that, EA!

Want to be involved in the forward-thinking ice hockey brilliance that is NHL 13? – Click here to buy the game and support these amazing lady legends.