Square Enix ‘Back to School’ Sale Discounts Final Fantasy, Hitman and More

Square Enix logo

Still licking your wounds after the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity announcement took everyone by surprise? Aren’t we all. It also saw plenty of nastiness sent Square Enix’s way, including ‘sell outs’, ‘money grabbing chumps!’ and various other insults used to describe longstanding business practices. Nonetheless, Square Enix surely can’t be bad eggs, right? As their new initiative wants to rob us of our free time right when we’ll need it most; to study, learn and make good use of far-too-expensive college tuition fees. The Square Enix Back to School sale does offer us dozens of cut-price games though, so you can find out more on the deals after the break.

The Square Enix Back to School Sale – Highlights

How this Square Enix sale works is that there are dozens upon dozens of discounted games here, from new releases to classic titles from yesteryear, all spread out across current gen (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One), last gen (PS3, Xbox 360, PSP), the decidedly retro gen of PS2 and there are few games available for download on PC as well.

You can take advantage of the initial promo price, in which everything is listed with 20% off of the RRP, you can bag yourself two games at 30% off, or get a whopping three games with a 50% discount. There are tons of games here that you might want to get your hands so here’s a link to the Square Enix discount page and my personal highlights from the sales listings are below.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs

I know that the game will soon be getting a jazzed up, slightly better looking version in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition but unless you’re really intent on gaining access to the game’s two dozen pieces of DLC, I’d stick to the original. One of my favourite games, Sleeping Dogs puts you in the slightly worn converse of Detective Wei Shen as you must fight for justice but also gang territory. It’s murky morale water, I know, but the game features some of the most violent and outrageous combat in gaming, a variety of side activities (including karaoke) and a voice-acting turn from Emma Stone. Oh, and its open-world is absolutely gorgeous even without the PS4 or Xbox One’s 60FPS sheen.

Was: $29.99
Now: $23.99

Deux Ex: Human Revolution

I’ve been playing this one for an upcoming column and so far I’ve tazered about 50 men to death, snuck around on rooftops a lot and got shot at by mega-death robots that I foolishly forgot to hack into and turn off. I’ve probably not done the game justice there but it really is very good. Plus, if character upgrades (it has a ton of those thanks to the augmented abilities of the game’s lead) and mission variety (it offers several paths to reach your objective) are your thing then I very much recommend it.

Was: $29.99
Now: $23.99

Tomb Raider teaser image

Tomb Raider (2013)

Another one of my favourites, Lara slings arrows, bullets and dirt in the faces of those who want to stop her and her chums from escaping a sinister, malevolent and possibly supernatural island. Yes it’s a great tragedy that its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, won’t be coming to PC or PS4 for a while but without playing Lara’s 2013 adventure you won’t truly know what you’re missing out on. The characters are diverse and believable, the world is beautifully designed (and somewhat open too) and although it’s an origins story, Lara’s death-dealing prowess has never been more fun but if that doesn’t convince you, check our review of the game’s definitive edition here.

Was: $39.99
Now: $31.99

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

It’s an MMORPG based in a Final Fantasy setting so as you can imagine, character progression, monster battling, classes and all those other gubbins that you’d expect from such a game in such a genre are included. Full disclosure – I haven’t played it, although I hear it’s quite good and as it’s both reviewed quite well amongst critics and non-journo players and is inclusive enough to have a player-hosted pride parade, it does alright by me.

Was: $24.99
Now: $19.99 (Although keep in mind that although the game is discounted, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn still requires a paid, monthly subscription to play it, so that’s something to keep in mind before you buy!)

Those are just my personal picks from the list but Square Enix is also shaving money off of stealth murder-em-up Hitman: Absolution, plenty of other Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy titles and, although it’s published by Deep Silver, Saints Row IV is also available at a discounts.

It’s also worth nothing that their Back to School sale follows three equally as massive Square Enix sales on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam in just as many months and it’s unlikely that that we’ll get a round of discounts like this any time soon. So, you can follow this link to the Square Enix store to take advantage of the sale before it ends on September 3rd.