Founded in June of 2010, J Station X was lovingly brought to these here interwebs by Jasmine Henry, a woman on a mission to single-handedly take over the globe using a video game blog as the vehicle to do it.

So that world domination thing hasn’t quite happened yet, but on the road to conquering the planet, J Station X hopes to bring you the latest news, previews and reviews of all of the games worth spending your money on and most importantly, games that are also diverse.

For every 300 games featuring white, shaven-headed men there are just a handful featuring prominent female characters, and even fewer with those women as the playable lead. The statistics only get worse for video game characters of colour or characters that identify as LGBTQ.

With J Station X, we hope to put those games in the limelight and put them at the forefront of discussion. When other sites are squabbling over framerates and screenshot quality, we hope to add some intelligent discussion on topics such as: gender, intersectionality and the role of sexuality in games (plus much more!), all whilst continuing to bring you those HD videos and gameplay images that you (whether you’re male, female, gay, straight or other identified) are used to.

But, these are the statistics* that we’re dealing with…

  • In 2013 alone, there were over twice as many playable male protagonist as there were female protagonists.
  • Of all of the games released in 2013, under a third featured playable characters of colour.
  • Only one playable LGBT character was featured in games in 2013.

…and we wouldn’t want to leave the great (but diversity lacking) games that we know and love behind! That’s why J Station X will do its best to bring the two together.

We also know that not every reader will visit J Station X for progressive discussions and we know that you may just be here simply because you like games. We appreciate that and want to make this a space for both discussion and video game appreciation! So whoever you are, from whatever walk of life, we hope you’ll join us on this ride.

J Station X is for diverse games, great games and games that make us proud to say we covered them.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about the site, please get in touch by going to our contact page.

*Statistics from our Video Game Diversity Report 2013-14.