Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 logo

For a long while, the success of the Call of Duty franchise has focused on bang shooty set-pieces and a big, fat marketing budget. This has made a lot of people a lot of money but now, sales are down and fans are growing bored. Give thanks to the bigwigs at Activision then as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 switches things up by including terrifying death robots and cybernetic implants.

Black Ops 3 is set in the super scary year of 2060 where soldiers no longer have access to weapons; they are the weapons themselves. There are lots of questions that need to be asked such as ‘is this morally ok?’ and ‘who the heck is going to save the world once it all goes wrong?’

Find out more about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s campaign, co-op and multiplayer after the break.

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League of Legends Sale Heavily Discounts Skins, Champions and More

League of Legends wallpaper

Every year, the best League of Legends eSports teams from all around the world meet up for the Mid-Season Invitational which is a huge tournament that takes place between the spring and summer splits (the seasons of competitive play). The 2015 MSI begins in less than two weeks and so to celebrate, Riot Games is discounting skins, champions, icons and more.

The month of April is also on its way out and Riot seems to want to commemorate that too, as they’ve also shaved money off several League of Legends bundles (including skins and champions) that should satisfy all players, melee or ranged. Find out all of the details after the break.

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NBA 2K16 Career Mode Being Developed by Spike Lee

NBA 2K16 Spike Lee Knicks

The NBA 2K franchise has been on top for years. NBA 2K15 was another prime example and although developer Visual Concepts’ decision to include face scanning was misguided and its servers can take a while to load, the game offers one of the most attractive and addictive sports simulation experiences out there.

NBA 2K16 will improve on that though – as is always the case with annual sports sims – and in the upcoming game, developer Visual Concepts is going to focus on the MyCareer mode. And they aren’t doing it half-heartedly either as they have reportedly enlisted Oscar-nominated filmmaker (and long time New Yorks Knicks fan) Spike Lee to help develop it.

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Will Fight for Food Launch Trailer Released

Will Fight for Food screenshot kick

Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour may have an unnecessarily complex name but this RPG beat ’em up is actually quite simple. As disgraced wrestler Jared Casey Dent, the game gives us the option of either talking our way out of problems or letting our fists do the talking for us.

Selling points include ‘being able to punch out a mayor, take his title belt and become leader of the town for yourself’ and other such antics and developer Pyrodactyl Games is also priding itself on humor, as you can probably tell that Will Fight for Food doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can find out more on the game (and watch the ridiculous new launch trailer) after the break.

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Stealth Platformer ‘Wildfire’ Gets Through Steam Greenlight

Wildfire wallpaper

In video games, enemies rarely flinch or run scared when you engage them and whether they’re a weak grunt or a powerful boss it’s unlikely that they’ll ever back down in a fight. But in upcoming platformer Wildfire, the fear of flames is your greatest weapon.

Wildfire gives you the gift of fire manipulation and encourages you to go nuts and turn everything around you to cinders. You could set grass on fire and ward enemies away or you could use the fear to trick enemies into veering off of heights. You have to be careful though as fires can quickly spiral out of control.

More on Wildfire after the break.

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H1Z1 Female Character Models Going Live ‘In the Next 2 Weeks’

H1Z1 wallpaper

Zombie MMO H1Z1 hasn’t had the smoothest of rides since launch. The game had only been on Steam Early Access for a month when Sony sold Sony Online Entertainment (H1Z1‘s developer) to an investment management firm and there was controversy surrounding air drops as they effectively allowed players to spend real money for in game guns (and made H1Z1 seem like it was ‘pay to win’). There were also plenty of comparisons to DayZ too.

In spite of these things, Daybreak Game Company (the artist formerly known as SOE) appears to have made a solid game. H1Z1 has sold over 1 million copies and most people seem to be enjoying the Midwest American setting and its crafting system, which lets players put together tools, weapons bandages and more. But players’ biggest gripe with H1Z1 is its lack of diversity.

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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Launch Trailer; Game Out Now on Steam

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker screenshot broken heart

“Do you want to improve your romantic prowess? Learn the ins and outs of dating?” asks Kitty Powers, the love guru at the heart of new dating sim, Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker. Kitty won’t actually be giving players tips on how to impress the lady, lad or otherwise identified human of their dreams, but under her guidance we will be able to pair up other hapless suitors and send them on dates.

Will your matches stick together like superglue and cotton wool? Or will it end in total heartbreak and disaster? That entirely depends on you and your matchmaking prowess (or lack thereof) but either way, you’ll get a good laugh from trying. Watch the Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker launch trailer after the break.

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League of Legends Adds Impressive Arclight Vayne Skin

League of Legends Arclight Vayne skin

League of Legends champion Vayne can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. Primarily played in bot lane as a ranged ADC (attack damage carry), with her ‘Tumble’ ability (Vayne rolls across the floor and gets bonus damage for her next attack), her Night Hunter passive (bonus movement speed near enemy champs) and an ulti that grants her extra Attack Damage, invisibility when she Tumbles and it triples her bonus Night Hunter movement speed, she can quickly kill you from afar. They don’t call her ‘The Queen of Bot Lane’ for nothing.

The problem is, Vayne’s skins are a bit rubbish. Her best skin by far is SKT T1 Vayne (a futuristic skin based on eSports team SKT T1 that gives her a gaming headset) but according to the in-game store, this is currently unavailable. Vayne players can now rejoice, though, as Riot Games has introduced the Arclight Vayne skin and it looks phenomenal.

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Uplay Sale Discounts Over 400 Games, Including Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age

Uplay logo

Uplay is Ubisoft’s answer to Steam. The online storefront allows Ubisoft to sell games directly to fans, meaning that Valve won’t take a cut. It also allows Ubisoft to sell a great many non-digital things too such as character figurines or official branded clothing. Unfortunately, for Ubisoft, no one really likes it.

Uplay also allows Ubisoft to make sure that people aren’t pirating the game but not only does this extra level of DRM (Digital Rights Management) feel unnecessary, it’s also coupled with bad servers that limit multiplayer and it has a habit of crashing. The one thing that Uplay does get right are its semi-regular sales and in its latest round of deals, over 400 games have been discounted.

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New Guitar Hero Live Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Guitar Hero Live logo

The music rhythm revival is in full swing now, with Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live both set for release later this year. The thing that sets Activision’s Guitar Hero Live from the pack is that unlike the animated cartoon cutouts and characters of previous Guitar Hero games, Live is going for a realistic rocker experience that will make us feel like real rock legends.

As demonstrated by that nervy announcement trailer, the game will do this via using a first person viewpoint. It’s some pretty special stuff but how did developer Freestyle Games pull it off? In a brand new Guitar Hero Live trailer, we go behind the scenes and find out how ‘Live’ came to be.

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