[UPDATE] League of Legends Ekko Release Date Revealed

League of Legends Ekko release date

While League of Legends has welcomed a whole host of new champions in the past few months (Rek’Sai, Bard, Braum, and so on), few of them have been as highly anticipated as Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time. Ekko made his debut at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational before heading to the League of Legends PBE and many people outside of the game’s testing mode are patiently awaiting his release.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait much longer for Ekko release date news as the time-turning assassin from Zaun will be released in the next League of Legends patch. Find out more after the jump.

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MMORPG ‘Dragon of Legends’ Joins Square Enix Collective

Dragon of Legends logo wallpaper

The Square Enix Collective is a pretty handy way for developers to get feedback and marketing support for their game and to find out if people would put pledges towards a crowdfunding campaign. A good many games have signed up already including 4X space game Halcyon 6 and horror mystery game Tokyo Dark. The latest game to join them is MMORPG Dragon of Legends, which is in development at Thrive Games.

Dragon of Legends focuses on two alliances vying to take control of a region called Hávamál, while an evil force tries to destroy them. We’ll be able to choose our faction and whether we’ll let the world burn or protect Hávamál with our lives and, in typical MMORPG fashion, we’ll embark on a “mystery, danger, and countless adventure”. Find out more after the break.

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Rock Band 4’s RPG Campaign Detailed

Rock Band 4 wallpaper

The best thing about games like Rock Band 4 is the way that they make you feel like a real rock legend. Your rocker may be virtual but it’s still tremendous fun going through the motions, as you grow from a small town band with just your closest friends as fans to sold out arenas where everybody knows your name. But that method is old hat; we’ve played through setlists before, building a reputation, and by now it’s a little bit boring.

That’s why it’s great news that Rock Band 4‘s campaign will play like a fully fledged RPG. We’ll get to make our own decisions about the way the band progresses as well as the ways that the band earns money and the way that we appeal to fans. We’ll also be able to customise our rockers to our hearts’ content. Find out more after the break.

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Sims 4 Microtransactions On the Way?

The Sims 4 Microtransactions

When The Sims 4 launched last year, it was almost unanimously criticised for not offering ay significant improvements over its predecessor; many agree that it wasn’t worth the full price. People also complained that The Sims 4 was missing vital features such as toddlers, leading some to believe that later down the line EA and Maxis would shove tons of extra features into expansion packs, thus forcing people to buy them.

With the Get to Work expansion and the smaller Outdoor Retreat and Luxury Party Stuff add-ons, we haven’t seen really that happen, but extra monetisation plans could be on the way if the work of one Sims 4 designer is to believed. It’s being suggested that The Sims 4 could soon get microtransactions, in a move that could upset the fanbase even more.

More on that after the break.

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The Swindle’s Enemies Will Kill You With One Hit

The Swindle screenshot

Steampunk platformer The Swindle involves the simple premise of breaking in, stealing stuff, and getting the hell out of there. All of the properties that you’ll be stealing from are procedurally generated but in the end, all you have to do to secure the loot is leave the building with your life intact.

But leaving ‘with your life intact’ is a lot more difficult than it sounds as The Swindle‘s enemies can kill you with just one hit, no matter where it comes from. Given that the game’s playable characters are all gone for good once they die, along with all of the cash they’ve earnt in the level, that could make gameplay as stressful as ever. However, developer Dan Marshall is convinced that The Swindle is better because of it. Find out more after the break.

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Pokémon-Esque RPG ‘Moonrise’ Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Moonrise game wallpaper

The Pokémon games are one of Nintendo’s strongest bits of leverage when it comes to getting people to buy their consoles. They are massive, world-spanning adventures that you can sink days, weeks and even years into, just exploring, battling, and collecting creatures. But since Pokémon games are exclusive to Nintendo consoles, it means that most of us are missing out.

RPG battler Moonrise could help to fill that empty, Pokémon-shaped void in your games collection. It’s the second title from State of Decay developer Undead Labs and while it may not seem like a natural career progression from ‘slaying zombies’, it looks incredibly promising. Watch the new Moonrise gameplay trailer after the break.

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League of Legends ‘Instant-Ban’ System Released in the EU

League of Legends character fight wallpaper

League of Legends is a fantastic game. It encourages communication and teamwork and all of that good stuff as players do their best to take down enemy champs and destroy the enemy nexus. But it’s not all high-fives and championship trophies as League has a reputation of having one of the most toxic communities around.

Is that an unfair rep? Perhaps, when you consider that plenty of other online games have toxicity issues. However, League of Legends still has some serious problems and it’s not uncommon for verbal abuse, harassment and slurs to be thrown around because of a single bad game or an accidental death. Hell, I’ve even be criticised for games that I’ve won.

Riot Games has been trying to clean up the game’s act for some time now, including a system that doles out skins and other bonuses to players who haven’t been banned within a set time frame. Their latest attempt is a new ‘instant banning’ system which will quickly punish League of Legends players who abuse the rules.

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Cyberpunk Adventure ‘Epanalepsis’ Released on Steam

Epanalepsis screenshot

It’s incredibly difficult find great games with multiple lead, playable characters in a story. The challenge for the developer is that even if each character isn’t likeable, they have to at least be interesting and different enough that the player enjoys themselves no matter who they’re playing as and that the characters all offer something unique. The masterclass in bad voice acting, Shadows on the Vatican, couldn’t handle that and even some of Heavy Rain‘s characters put players to sleep.

Cyberpunk adventure Epanalepsis reckons it can pull it off though. This point and click game from developer Cameron Kunzelman and publisher Mastertronic boasts three different characters living three different lives but naturally, they are all somehow connected. The game also bears the tagline “if you knew what the future holds, what would you change?” which is daunting and sort of scary.

More on Epanalepsis after the break.

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Classic Game Remakes: Great Reminders of the Past or Shackles of the Future?

Classic Game Remakes header

In the last decade, the games industry as we know it has changed drastically. Thanks to massive technology improvements, the smartphones of today are as powerful (if not more) than the computers of five years ago, our PS4s and Xbox Ones are approximately 15 times more powerful than their predecessors and the rise of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have allowed even the wackiest games to get made.

And in turn, this has given us access to bolder and better looking games as well as games that would never be funded by a publisher. It also means that we are now seeing a lot of classic game remakes as developers realise that it’s been just long enough without [insert classic game franchise] that it’s time to revive it. But is this a good thing? And is the remake revolution harming the games industry of the future?

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H1Z1 Patch Adds Crossbows and Smoke Grenades

H1Z1 wallpaper

Since it launched on Steam Early Access earlier this year, H1Z1 has mostly been received quite well. It dealt with the loot drop controversy well, it survived as Sony sold its developer and people are no longer calling the game a DayZ knock off either, despite initial suggestions that the two zombie MMOs would look like clones.

People are also singing its praises since developer Daybreak Game Company does a pretty good job of updating regularly, with new patches being released at least once a fortnight. This latest H1Z1 patch adds new weapons and an unusual damage fix as well. More info on that after the break.

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