Hellblade Dev Reveals Why Their Game is a PS4 Exclusive

Hellblade wallpaper (minus logo)

With a trailer rushed in time to make Sony’s press conference at Gamescom in August, Hellblade was one of the biggest (and nicest) surprises of the year. Focused on a woman warrior named Senua, Hellblade looks to infuse Celtic and Viking mythology with the stellar combat and stories that we’ve come to expect from developer Ninja Theory (who also worked on Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry). We also know that Hellblade will be a timed PS4 exclusive and now, Ninja Theory have finally revealed why they decided to bring Hellblade to Sony’s console first.

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6 Things Ubisoft Can Do To Make Us Hate Them Less

Ubisoft logo

It’s been a busy few months for Ubisoft. They’ve managed to offend a majority of the gaming population, they’ve been releasing broken games left, right and centre and when those games proved to be broken, they even managed to make matters worse when they tried to fix them. Crikey, I hope Ubisoft have had time for a nap.

But, when the pitchforks have been blunted and our arms have grown tired from banging on their office doors and windows, Ubisoft will try and make amends. To make matters easier for them and to air out our grievances, we’ve put together a list of just a few things Ubisoft can do to make us hate them just that little bit less.

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Ubisoft Winter Sale Offers Massive Discounts on Over 300 Games

Ubisoft logo

Winter is a good time to be a gamer. There are Christmas competitions left and right and a boatload of free time to dig into the industry’s biggest titles. Also in the name of festive cheer and chilly weather are the many sales. Steam are about to launch their very own discount bonanza but Ubisoft is a contender too as in their Winter sale they have discounts of up to 80% on over 300 games. More details and bargain picks after the break.

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Never Alone Review (PS4)

Never Alone wallpaper

By many accounts, Never Alone is a risky title. Setting records as the very first of its kind, the market for a commercial game about indigenous people was untested. There was also the fact that Never Alone has been made to both pass on the stories and educate the world about the Iñupiaq people and so we could have gotten an uncomfortable experience not dissimilar to a Sunday school teaching you’ve tried to sneak out of. Could have. With the greatest risks comes the greatest rewards and so successfully living up to the potential, hype and hopes for it, Never Alone is a unique slice of video game brilliance.

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Never Alone Update Fixes AI; Mac Release in 2015

Never Alone screenshot Nuna Fox

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Iñupiaq platformer Never Alone. Not only was the game welcomed with open arms (and glowing review scores) on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but the game has also made history, quite literally being the first game of its kind. Deserved success doesn’t a perfect game make though and Never Alone does have a few coding kinks to iron out. This is what developer Upper One Games is now dealing with in the game’s latest update and they’ve now announced a Never Alone Mac release date too. Find out more after the break.

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EA Sports UFC Joins EA Access Next Week

EA Sports UFC Ronda Rousey screenshot

As part of EA‘s attempts to make a real splash in the fighting genre following the average-ness of EA Sports MMA, the publisher nabbed the UFC license after its former holder, THQ, went under. Once everyone was done fretting that some of the magic would be lost due to the license changing hands, what we found in EA Sports UFC is one of the best face punching sims around. Combat is gritty and realistic, just short of hearing metatarsals crack following a devastating kick to the body and the game is very good at capturing the excitement of winning matches against tough opponents. Now, EA Sports UFC is coming to EA Access and you can find out more about that after the break.

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Double Fine Steam Sale Discounts Costume Quest, Massive Chalice and More

Double Fine logo

Founded all the way back in 2000, Double Fine have been making great games for yonks. A good handful of their games fall into the ‘critically acclaimed’ category that us games media types are always boasting about, including family friendly Halloween adventures Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2, the Jack Black-led Brutal Legend and the matryoshka collecting fun of Stacking. These are just a small handful of titles from Double Fine’s portfolio/what those game design wizards are cooking up right now (they have one game in episodic development and another in Early Access) but the point is that a great many of these games are now on sale on Steam! Head after the break to find out more.

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LA Cops Update Adds New Levels, Difficulties, 25% Price Cut

LA Cops screenshot 3

When we last checked in with LA Cops, the team behind the 70s based shooter announced plans to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One. For now, the game is still doing its thing on Steam Early Access, headshotting perps, scoffing doughnuts and guffawing at the idea of ‘proper police conduct’. There’s still a small way to go before we can usher in the full version of LA Cops though, sirens, whirlybirds and all and so developer Modern Dream has now released a new update bringing with it new levels and difficulty modes. Plus, it’s now available with a 25% discount so you can learn more about that and more after the break.

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Christmas Competition: Win a Free PC Game from Big Fish Games!

Big Fish Games logo

It’s nearly Christmas! For some it’s that time of the year where everybody gets festive and happy and for others it signals the many weeks of capitalists trying to sell us more stuff. No matter where you are on that Christmas cheer spectrum (or even if you don’t celebrate) J Station X wants to make the holidays that little bit better by giving out free Big Fish Games codes. You can use the codes on over 3000 games from Big Fish Games’ PC library including Cake Mania, the Mystery Case Files games and Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy. Find out how to win a code after the break.

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Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy Review (PC)

Nancy Drew The Silent Spy header

Like Levi’s and denim, Nike and sportswear and the past year of gaming and laughably bad game launches, Nancy’s Drew name is synonymous with sleuthing. Her latest point and click adventure title, Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy takes the famed detective to Scotland, the place of her mother’s death. But was Kate Drew’s demise an accident or was it cold-blooded murder? That’s what Nancy is set to find out, facing puzzles, mystery and one God awful Scottish accent on the way. Find out more in our Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy review.

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