Casual Friday

What is Casual Friday?

In the workplace, Casual Friday is where employees get to dress down on a Friday in casual clothes instead of buttoned-up business suits. Seen as though I write all of J Station X‘s posts wearing a jeans and a T-Shirt, Casual Friday on JSX means something entirely different.

Every Friday for the next few months will be ‘Casual Friday’ where I will post some sort of blog post about casual gaming. We can’t all be hardcore gamers with month’s of play-time on our CVs, so now I’ve devoted an entire day to less obsessed gamers!

Below you can see a list of every post that I’ve put up as part of the series.

June 2010

What Are Games? Distractions or Creative Pieces of Media?

Age of Zombies (PSP) Review

July 2010

Doodle Jump (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

Make Your Life a Game with the ‘Epic Win’ App

August 2010

5 Reasons Casual Games are Better than Hardcore Games

September 2010

5 Reason Core Games are Better than Casual Games

October 2010

5 Kickass Casual Video Games