NEC Memorabilia:Warriors Legends of Troy, Dead Space 2 & Medal of Honor

Written by Myles.

I had the chance to go to NEC Memorabilia in the weekend, needless to say it was an amazing experience. Of course, the whole expo wasn’t based around games, it was more based around films, TV Shows and wrestling, I had the chance to try out several new and or upcoming games.

First of all, the KOEI guys are simply amazing, one of the best companies and probably the only one where I’ve ever had the chance to meet and hang around with the employees for pretty much the whole day, I’m a massive Dynasty Warriors fan, It’s my life.

Game screen

I'm coming for you Hector!

Warriors: Legends of Troy

Although I played an E3 Build, the graphics were pretty damn good, with amazing lighting effects and shadows, apparently the graphics are a lot better in the later builds, the gameplay is like if God of War and Fist of The North Star: Ken’s Rage had a baby, it stands on it’s own feet, it isn’t just another Dynasty Warriors game. I’m honestly incredibly looking forward to this game after playing the demo.

Dead Space 2

Although I played very little of it, it looks to be more of Dead Space 1 and possibly more scary than the original. The atmosphere is outstanding and the graphics  are top notch, it’s certainly shaping up to be one of the better looking games for 2011. If you loved the start of Dead Space you’ll definitely love 2!

Medal of Honor

It glitched out at the beginning, enough said.

Download Day [27/10/10] FirstPlay, NFS Hot Pursuit & RDR Undead Nightmare DLC

Today in the glorious world of download has some real gems amongst the sea of absolutely terrible DLC.

NFS HP Screenshot

Car parts everywhere in 3,2...

First up, there’s the demo for the new, Criterion developed Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit (full game out on the 19th of November). In the demo, you get to test-drive the new Autolog feature and compete for bragging rights against one friend or an AI opponent.

Also on the Xbox 360 and PS3 online stores today is the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC – commonly known as the reason for ‘ZOMBIE COUGARS’ being a trending topic on Twitter. The added bit of content lets gunslinger John Marston take on extra story mode and side mission to battle against the hordes of the undead.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can get 20% off the full price of this DLC!

First Play Logo

Lastly, is a PS3 double exclusive (only available to PS3 users in the UK) in the form of the weekly interactive show, First Play. This week, for just 99p, they’ve got previews of F.3.A.R (FEAR 3), Shadows of the Damned as well as a round-up of the 3 scariest Little Big Planet levels and reviews of Fallout New Vegas and WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011. For 99p, that’s a bargain!

Read my review of First Play here.

Dead Space Ignition Competition Winner Announced!

Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space IgnitionOn Monday, I launched a competition to win a code for the arcade tie-in game for Dead Space 2, Dead Space Ignition. To win, all you had to do was ReTweet a simple message (as well as follow me @Jasmino924 ) on Twitter.

Many people ReTweeted in the hopes of winning the code to unlock the full game on PS3 and after all of these tweets (as well as a few by one person who was pissed that the competition wasn’t multi-format) I can now announce a winner!

Congratulations @KrigoCA , you won the code. Have fun with the game!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win or if you couldn’t enter the competition because it was only on PS3. I have another competition lined up for the very near future that will be for all formats (even PC!) so keep visiting J Station X for more news on how you can win!

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Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space Ignition

Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space Ignition

Dead Space Ignition Logo

Keep reading to find out how you can win!

Image via

There’s not long until the sequel to the absolutely amazing Dead Space 2 is released (January 25th in North America!) and as a little teaser/awesome extra/something-to-keep-you-from-going-mad-if-you’ve-been-waiting-ages-for-the-sequel, the publisher behind the Dead Space games, EA, have come up with a genius bit of content to whet your appetite before the full game next year.

As the image about suggests, Dead Space Ignition is a prequel for Dead Space 2 and you’re in luck as I have a code for the game up for grabs!

Click ‘Read More’ to find out how you can win.

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Impressions : Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Beta

Medal Of Honor Logo


Image via Screw Attack

“DICE & EA team up again” – you saw the headlines and read the articles on blogs and in magazines all over the globe that after the huge success of the Battlefield series, A star developer DICE and heavy hitting publisher EA would be working on a new title. A blast from the past, Medal of Honor, giving the franchise a reboot after its many years off the multi-million dollar FPS radar. Those of you who doubted the new game, shame on you! EA are currently holding a closed beta for the multiplayer version of the game (this mode is what DICE have been working on) and I can tell you that not only does it dismiss opinions that it’s a ‘cookie-cutter FPS clone’ it stands up to the high standards of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 before it.

Click ‘Read More‘ to find out what I thought of the beta.

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Need For Speed Travels the US, Abandons Rest of the World

NFS HP Screenshot

*vroom! vroom!*

Don’t hate on me for posting this, I love EA, despite my criticism of their ‘sequel cycle’ way of doing things, I’ll still remain a fan. As long as they release Mirror’s Edge 2, that is. My about page says that I get annoyed when the UK is the last to get things, specifically game releases but as long as we get them, I’m cool. Anyway, on to the point, EA love cars (well ,duh) and so when it comes to NFS they’re always going places to check out cars and watch cars race, listen to engines yadda, yadda but this time they’re bringing the cars (and the their game, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit) to us. Well more specifically, to you lucky folks in the US of A.

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They Knocked Us Out of the World Cup, We Got An Awesome Consolation Prize – Crysis 2 Trailer

Crytek Logo

Aaah the Germans, with their Frankfurter sausages, Bratwurst and of course, their pesky English-World-Cup-dream-ending football team. Little known fact : despite the fact that this afternoon they completely and totally obliterated England’s chances at winning the World Cup, they are responsible for one of the coolest video game developers around at the moment, Crytek. Oh sure, you broke millions of English hearts today Germany, but I can forgive you a little when I know that your city of Frankfurt is home to Crytek’s Headquarters. Especially as I know that they’re the team behind the upcoming Crysis 2.

Is the German’s World Cup knock out a big thing to forgive? Yes, it is. But when they have a game as ridiculously good-looking as Crysis 2 in development, it makes the World Cup wounds heal a little bit faster.

Click ‘Read More’ to view the amazing trailer for Crysis 2.

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