Alien: Isolation – Everything You Ought To Know

Alien Isolation teaser image

Alien: Isolation is already the worst kept secret of the year so far. Info about SEGA’s new title was leaked and then leaked again and it’s now been officially revealed but there’s still so much to talk about! So, using The Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s world exclusive feature on the game, as well as info that SEGA have released online, here’s our no nonsense guide detailing everything you need to know about Alien: Isolation.

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What J.K Rowling Could Teach The Video Game Industry

J.K Rowling image

The decade-long reigning Queen of young adult literature, J.K Rowling’s name is as synonymous with globally loved media as Michael Pachter’s is with fundamentally wrong analysis. Of course, you may not think that the insanely talented mind behind the Harry Potter series (and the reason why millions have spent billions on books and movie tickets) would have some sage advice for the video game industry but that’s where you’re wrong. Read on to find out why.

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4 Reasons Why Bringing Gone Home to PS4 Would Be Sony’s Best Move Yet

Gone Home game image

It seems so long ago now doesn’t it? When Sony took to the stage at their very own press conference to announce the PS4 last year and then again at E3 just a few months later, to reaffirm the stance that they would be putting extra effort, time and resources into getting the latest, greatest and most ambitious indies to their platforms. And they succeeded, with titles like Contrast and Don’t Starve being fine examples of their partnership. But one game has thus escaped Sony’s indie net; Gone Home, the popular PC, Mac and Linux title, that, if it was released on PS4, could be Sony’s best move yet.

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The Video Game Diversity Report 2013-14

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Teaser

Like most other game sites, we run on willpower, a non-existent budget and a love of gaming, but unlike other sites, J Station X is also fuelled by a whole lot of anger and a little bit of indignation that the video game industry that we know and love still continuously fails to represent women in games, people of colour and those who identify as LGBTQ. It’s for that reason that I’ve put together the first annual Video Game Diversity Report so that we can yell back statistics when the mob bangs on the door protesting that gaming must stay as a Straight, White Boys Club. Read my findings after the break.

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5 Gifts for The Gamer Who Has It All

Xbox 360 Christmas Tree image

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ chimes the classic holiday tune over the in-store speakers, but you know better. You have a mottled bruise on the left side of your ribcage that says that shoppers at this time of the year are rabid, vicious and will gladly shove you in the side to get the last copy of Battlefield 4 and you’ve had painful shin splints for the last 48 hours from making a mad dash around the aisle in a last ditch attempt to get a half decent gift for your gamer friend who probably has it already anyway. But you don’t want to go through all of that do you? We thought not, which is why we’ve put together this 2013 holiday gift guide for the gamer who has it all.

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What EA’s Gay Friendly Status Means for Their Games

EA Rainbow Logo

‘EA are the most gay friendly place to work in all of the games industry’, a bold statement? Absolutely. Is it one that can be backed up with real, actual, verifiable statistics? Again, yes. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), who like to keep tabs on companies doing good, non-discriminatory things to their employees and treating them like plain old human beings, no matter how they identify, have rated EA a 100 out of 100 for equality in the workplace. But what does the publisher’s gay friendly status mean for their games?

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7 Diverse PS4 and Xbox One Launch Games You Can Play Right Now

Xbox One vs PS4 image

With new console generations brings new specs, the new scent of ‘fresh console’ (that they really do need to consider making an air freshener out of) and more new types of games than we can shake an upgraded processor at.

The PS4 and the Xbox One are now upon us and we’re all eager to see what’s changed. Specifically, have the cries for diversity in our games paid off? Or are we still subject to straight, white, male protagonists? Thankfully, those shouts have been of use and you can find our list of 8 diverse PS4 and Xbox One launch games after the break.

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Xbox One, KSI and Why Microsoft Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Xbox One image 2

In London, on the evening of Thursday the 21st of November, excitement was high as impatient gamers stood anxious and cold, awaiting the release of the Xbox One. Microsoft executives stood to the side of the stage they’d set up in the country’s capital, watching as a host of performers and presenters pumped up the eager crowd. But during the event, a known misogynist made his way onto the stage, with the strangest thing being that Microsoft paid him to be there.

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Interview – Alteil: Horizons Project Leader, Sean Molyneaux

Alteil Horizons cards image

In 2012, bad news rang in the ears of card gaming and RPG fans, as, after 10 years, the original Ateil was being switched off, shut down and packaged up, along with its battle grids, ranged fighting and addictive gameplay. Now, in 2013, a star-studded group of the original game’s developers are teaming up to make Alteil: Horizons, the next best card-based RPG.

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Why Sony’s PS4 Means Big Things for Women and Minorities

PS4 image 5

Sometimes, you just want a change. You want fresh, new, original takes on genres that you love while the publisher wants reskinned sequels like a plucked chicken with a coat on. But we’ve had 7 whole years of that and the time is now to throw the system out the window attached to a giant lead balloon, and Sony’s upcoming PS4, could be the very console to start that revolution.

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