[MEDIA PARTY] – Fallout New Vegas, Tron & n00bs


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Can you believe it’s been over a month since the last ‘MEDIA PARTY’ post? Cor blimey, I hope you didn’t mind waiting all that time for a round-up of gaming awesomeness. Anyway, I’m back now to redeem myself and to reward you for all of your patience with a collection of several cool gaming related goodies that I’ve collected from the world wide web, including a pretty hilarious Fallout New Vegas glitch and the newest addition to the Tron universe. Enjoy!

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[MEDIA PARTY] – LA Noire, Dead Rising 2 & Deus Ex Human Revolution

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It’s been a bit of a big week for video games. Yes, I am fully aware that Call of Duty Black Ops was released last week and not in the past 7 days, but this week, I’ve been running around like an excited toddler with their first sugar rush because of the new LA Noire promo content as well as the release of one of my most highly anticipated games of 2010, Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood.

If you missed any of the greatness that has landed on the web in the past 7 days, don’t worry because I, Jasmine, have got your back with my weekly MEDIA PARTY round-up up of cool!

This week I have a link to a preview of LA Noire, some Dead Rising 2 lulz (read : a funny DR2 pic) and a fresh video of Deus Ex Human Revolution gameplay that can be viewed in glorious HD.

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[MEDIA PARTY] – Vanquish, COD Black Ops & Penny Arcade

It’s time for another round-up of epic, gaming-related gems that I’ve found on the Internet. Gosh, it feels like a long time since I last did a media party post! Anyway, to compensate for the whole lack of a media party post in a while, I bring you a round-up of greatness that, if you’re anything like me, will make you laugh, surprise you and make you say OMG! (maybe)

With content about Call of Duty Black Ops, Platinum Games’ Vanquish and a comic strip from the Penny Arcade site, this media party post would only get more awesome if it featured Chuck Norris. Which, after that sentence, it totally does!

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[MEDIA PARTY] – Mario, Tetris & Little Big Planet 2 Beta

For anyone who doesn’t know, my ‘party’ series is where I list a bunch of fantastic gaming goodies that I’ve found on the Internet – inducing videos, pictures and links to great gaming articles.

The first thing on the agenda today, before I deliver you a whole stack of the incredibly awesome, super-cool gaming delights, is that these round-up posts of sorts really need a new name instead of ‘MEDIA PARTY’

Leave your suggestions in the comments, please!

I’ve been scouring the web just for you and have been asking fellow gamers for submissions and I can tell you that I’ve put together a list of corkers!

My personal favourite thing in today’s post is a Little Big Plant 2 mini-movie, put together using tools available in the game’s beta. There’s also some geeky items for your house and Grand Theft Auto, Mario style.

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[PARTY] – Katamari , Xbox Live & TRON!

For those of you who aren’t regulars to J Station X (that would be everyone who isn’t my Mum!) every so often I post a semi-regular round up of the cool/awesome/rad things that I’ve found on the Internet. I accept submissions of links, pictures and videos and you can E-Mail them to me at Jasmine@JStationX.com :)

This edition features a couple of adorable gaming-themed pics, a lol-fest from Pete.com and a video demonstrating the musical prowess of one of my Twitter friends.

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[PICTURE & LINK PARTY] – Toy Story , Red Dead Redemption & An Awesome Competition

Welcome to the latest round-up the coolest stuff on teh interwebs, with a twist! ‘With a twist you say?’ yes my friend, a twist that’s about as twisty someone using a pepper grinding whilst driving a car on the Nürburgring race track. The link party segment for today now features pictures and will do so in future ‘LINK PARTY posts (read : when I can find them).

Backtracking a little to May, there was the release of the epic Rockstar game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ , the only Wild West game that will make you say ‘OMG, dis is teh best game evaaaarr!’ , well, that’s what I said anyway. I’ve got some pretty funny pics of RDR (Toy Story-fied) . Plus, because I’m sure you love free stuff as much as I do (i.e a lot!) and if you don’t, WTF is wrong with you? I’ve go the details about a very, very cool competition that the guys over at Mad Gear Solid are hosting. Trust me, it is a really great contest and they’ve got a ton of prizes!

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Toy Story 3 - Mass Effect - RDR

Clean up the toybox or Slinky gets it!

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