Norse Adventure ‘Jotun’ Will Be Getting a Playable Demo Soon

Jotun header

Jotun is one we’ve been following since it passed through Steam Greenlight and had a (successful) Kickstarter campaign last year. The mythological game stars Norse warrior Thora as she’s forced to head through Viking purgatory and clear her good name after dying an inglorious death.

Things aren’t as easy as putting a good word in as Thora will have to impress the gods if she wants to make it into Valhalla (essentially Viking heaven). This involves collecting runes to summon the jotun (big beasties like the one you see above) and then beating up them up with that big ol’ two-handed axe of hers.

An alpha gameplay demo of the game will soon be available; find out more on that and watch a new Jotun gameplay video after the break.

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Stealth Shooter ‘Project LIANE’ Announced for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Being a person with super powers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; just ask inFamous: Second Son‘s Delsin Rowe or every single character from the TV show Heroes. The latest to join their numbers is Anna Liane, the star of upcoming shooter Project LIANE. After being subject to military experiments she’s developed the pretty handy ability of healing people’s wounds but the downsides soon come when Anna realises that the use of her powers is destroying her mind. On top of that, the military is apparently trying to “exploit” her, as if the experiments they did on her in the first place weren’t enough.

Alas, our protagonist goes on the run and attempts to find out the truth about herself and her powers. Project LIANE will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox later this year, you can find out more after the break.

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Narrative Survival Game ‘Dyscourse’ Released on Steam

Dyscourse game header

Narration! Consequences! Teamwork! You don’t really see those featured in survival games which is why me (with those exclamation marks) and Dyscourse (with its brand new launch trailer after the break) are making so much of a song and dance about them. Most of the time you only get endless survival antics (e.g Minecraft) or a story with a bit of survival gubbins on the side (e.g The Last of Us) but Dyscourse is hoping to marry the two together.

In the game, you play as an art school graduate/barista named Rita, who recently survived a plane crash on a remote island. With choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay you can lead Rita and her fellow survivors to safety or lead them on a path to murder and cannibalism. Both outcomes sound like a total riot to me, but you can read more on Dyscourse after the break.

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Trapped Dead: Lockdown Goes Live on Steam; 15% Launch Discount Available

Trapped Dead: Lockdown screenshot car combat

By now, you’ve probably killed virtual zombies in just about every way you can. There’s the survival sort from H1Z1 and DayZ, there’s the ridiculous sort from Dead Rising and Dead Island and there’s the free-running sort from Dying Light. New zombie hack ‘n’ slash RPG Trapped Dead: Lockdown is actually of the top-down variety, fitting right in amongst Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and How To Survive.

Just like How To Survive, Trapped Dead: Lockdown has a varied cast of characters with different abilities (including your bog standard mage, an assassin and a melee weapon specialist) and like Dead Nation: Apocalypse, the game is big on story. So it’s not revolutionising the genre then, but it could be a worthy addition.

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League of Legends RP Prices to Increase by 10% in Europe

League of Legends wallpaper

As a free to play game, League of Legends is pretty reasonable with its microtransactions. If you do spend money in the game, then you’re probably buying RP (Riot Points) to spend it on optional add-ons like new champion skins or IP boosts (IP is the currency you earn from playing the game, you can spend it on new characters). The important word there is ‘optional’ and no one’s really losing out by not handing over money and League of Legends isn’t pay-to-win either.

The problem with RP is that you can’t buy it in an amount of your choosing, you have to buy it in bulk at a fixed price (though there are different price points for this). European League of Legends players are about to get an annoying shock then as Riot Games (League‘s developer) has just announced plans to increase RP prices by a massive 10%.

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Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Launches on Steam

Woolfe Launches on PC

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries has been on our radar for quite some time. A dark and twisty platformer, Woolfe turns all of the grandma-visiting niceties of the fairy-tale on its head and places you in the shoes of Red Riding Hood as she avenges her father’s death. Y’see, her dad died in a “workplace accident”, emphasis on the word accident since Red is convinced that his shady employer B.B Woolfe was behind it. Given that there’s a whole game around that possibility, I’d say she’s probably right.

She’ll have to break into his factory and go through some enchanted woods to prove it though, completing puzzles and fighting his tin army as she uncovers the truth. The first volume of the game (out of two) has just been released and you can watch the Woolfe launch trailer after the break.

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Sci-Fi Survival Game ‘Halcyon 6′ Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Under 48 Hours

Halcyon 6 screenshot combat land

The humans in Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander are a brave lot. When a Mean and Nasty alien race threatens to come knocking on Earth’s door, they don’t cower under a desk and cross their fingers really hard (as I would, if I’m honest), they hightail it to an “ancient, derelict space station” called Halcyon 6 in an attempt to “harness its mysterious power”.

As you’d expect, they’re the only ones in the entire galaxy who can save the world! We’ve heard that story more than enough times before but with alien battling, crew management, resource gathering and exploration, the game’s familiar plot is backed up by (what will surely be) some highly addictive gameplay. Halcyon 6 has just blitzed through its Kickstarter goal and you can find out more after the break.

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Mysterious Adventure ‘Tokyo Dark’ Gets New Trailer, Hits Steam Greenlight

Tokyo Dark screenshot neon street

Here’s a creepy one for you: Tokyo Dark. Getting its name from its Tokyo setting and the fact that its plot and gameplay are incredibly sinister, Tokyo Dark puts you in the shoes of Detective Itō after her partner goes missing. A 2D sidescroller, this isn’t your run of the mill ‘point, click, hunt for clues’ sort of game as it also boasts an “unnerving horror story exploring the underbelly of a near-future Tokyo” and it packs in supernatural elements too. It’s certainly not one for the faint hearted but if you’re looking for a chilling, mystery adventure game, Tokyo Dark could be a good’un. Watch a new trailer and find out more after the break.

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Arena Combat Sport ‘DiscStorm’ Announced for PC, Mac and PS Vita

DiscStorm logo header

Real sports are for chumps, what with their sweaty pit stains, neon looking energy drinks and ill-fitting lycra so today let’s embrace a virtual one instead.

DiscStorm has just been announced for PC, Mac and PS Vita by developer XMPT Games and publisher Mastertronic. The game combines disc throwing with death dealing to make a fast-based arena combat sport that can be played alone or with friends. Frantic stick twiddling will be in order as you try and avoid the discs that are pinging off of every wall and gameplay is “easy to pick up, but truly difficult to master”. It sounds like a good one to wheel out at parties then. More on DiscStorm after the break.

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Supernatural Adventure ‘Oxenfree’ Announced by Ex-Telltale and Disney Devs

Oxenfree screenshot dialogue

“See, this island’s pretty cool right?” oh Alex, my sweet, innocent child. That’s how it always starts; you’re lured in my the photo-friendly views and the next minute you’re picking ectoplasm off of the soles of your Converse. In Night School Studio’s debut title Oxenfree, things are no different. You play as a teenager named Alex as she brings her new stepbrother Jonas to Edwards Island to hang out with a bunch of her friends as part of a longstanding high school tradition.

As expected, things go belly up pretty sharpish when the group accidentally opens a ghostly rift. It’s early days for the game yet, having only just been announced, but it certainly looks charming and it’s being made by ex-Telltale Games and Disney devs, so it’s certainly in the right hands. More on Oxenfree after the break.

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