Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets GLAAD Award For Its LGBT Characters

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dorian screenshot

The Dragon Age games are a rarity in gaming. Not only is Dragon Age one of few game franchises to feature player controlled romances, but it’s also one of few games to feature prominent LGBT characters or romances and present them in a good light too. The latest entry in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was the third Dragon Age title to feature LGBT characters and it was backed up by previous comments from Lead Writer David Gaider who defended the series’ queer romances from those who think that BioWare (the developer of the Dragon Age games) have an agenda. That approach to LGBT representation has paid off too as leading LGBT group GLAAD have given Dragon Age: Inquisition a Special Recognition award.

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Action Exploration Game ‘AER’ Announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

AER screenshot Auk girl

Around these parts we love gorgeous games that make you have delightful dreams. Throw a female protagonist in there and you’ll find that game on our Game of the Year list faster than a teleporter going faster than warp speed. Doing all of those things is the newly announced AER, which is being made by Swedish developer Forgotten Key and will be published by Daedalic Entertainment. There’s no word on how to pronounce its name but it looks awfully beautiful and the first gameplay deets make it sound like it’s one to watch. More info on AER after the break.

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‘Woolfe’ Release Date Announced for PC; Game to Be Split Into Volumes

Woolfe screenshots mountain

Back in June, it was a nice surprise to see indie platformer Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries show up at the Xbox press conference at E3. That was one of few tastes we got of the upcoming fantasy platformer ahead of a 2015 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. But following a gameplay featurette at Gamescom in August and the release of a pretty good alpha gameplay demo (complete with dodgy voice acting and all) not long after, things had been rather quiet. Well, developers GRIN are back after the holiday break and this time they’ve revealed the Woolfe release date. Find out more after the break.

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GTA V PC Release Date Delayed Until March; Rockstar Release PC Specs

GTA V PC 4K Resolution Franklin

Behind Tetris, Wii Sports and Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is the fourth biggest selling video game of all time. Over 43 million copies of the game have been sold, with us lot desperate to play as Franklin, Michael and Trevor as we jack cars, rob banks and leave the virtual population of Los Santos looking like Swiss cheese. The game was already out on PS3 and Xbox 360 and was recently released on PS4 and Xbox One in November to more great reviews – and people were patiently awaiting the GTA V PC release date too. Sadly though, publisher and developer Rockstar Games have confirmed that the GTA V PC release date has now been pushed back from January 27th until March 24th.

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Hellblade To Be Released on PC, Ninja Theory Announce


When Ninja Theory announced third person action game Hellblade back in August at Gamescom 2014, plenty of people read that would be coming ‘first to PS4′ and raised their eyebrows. Did this mean that Senua’s billowing locks and unsightly foes would be making their way to other platforms at a later date? With their new game, Ninja Theory are testing out a fancy development model called ‘independent triple A’ that lets them make great games on tiny budgets. The team have previously spoken about why PS4 is a fantastic testing ground for that and they have now announced that Hellblade will be coming to PC too.

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Harmonix Announce ‘A City Sleeps’ Price Drop; Now Under $10

A City Sleeps screenshot

Harmonix games are ruddy good fun. For almost a decade now they’ve been dabbling in music rhythm games; the Rock Band franchise is one of theirs, for example, and if you’ve been in a home that’s larger than a shoe closet between now and 2008 then you’ve most likely jammed out on one of their plastic guitars and/or drum kits. Recent Harmonix release A City Sleeps was an aim to capture more of that music lightning in a bottle only this time instead of a faux rockstar you were in charge of a dream exorcist named Poe who has to attack demons (to the beat of songs) in order to free the city’s sleeping citizens. The developer has now announced a price drop and you can find out more after the break.

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Games Made Over $89 Million on Kickstarter Last Year

Kickstarter logo

Kickstarter is a massively useful tool for the games industry. Not only does it allow us to show the gaming world what we’re interested in (and what there’s a niche for) but it allows us to get our hands on some brilliant gaming experiences too. Experience that (most likely) would never have made it to release if a stat-obsessed publisher had been at the helm. It means that anyone, anywhere, with a great idea has the chance to make their video game brainchild a reality. But Kickstarter also has its downsides. Namely, there have been a few cases or developers not delivering on promises or just hightailing it with the money altogether. Nonetheless, 2014 was a record year for games on the crowdfunding platform, according to official statistics.

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Hellblade Dev Reveals Why Their Game is a PS4 Exclusive

Hellblade wallpaper (minus logo)

With a trailer rushed in time to make Sony’s press conference at Gamescom in August, Hellblade was one of the biggest (and nicest) surprises of the year. Focused on a woman warrior named Senua, Hellblade looks to infuse Celtic and Viking mythology with the stellar combat and stories that we’ve come to expect from developer Ninja Theory (who also worked on Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry). We also know that Hellblade will be a timed PS4 exclusive and now, Ninja Theory have finally revealed why they decided to bring Hellblade to Sony’s console first.

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Never Alone Update Fixes AI; Mac Release in 2015

Never Alone screenshot Nuna Fox

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Iñupiaq platformer Never Alone. Not only was the game welcomed with open arms (and glowing review scores) on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but the game has also made history, quite literally being the first game of its kind. Deserved success doesn’t a perfect game make though and Never Alone does have a few coding kinks to iron out. This is what developer Upper One Games is now dealing with in the game’s latest update and they’ve now announced a Never Alone Mac release date too. Find out more after the break.

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EA Sports UFC Joins EA Access Next Week

EA Sports UFC Ronda Rousey screenshot

As part of EA‘s attempts to make a real splash in the fighting genre following the average-ness of EA Sports MMA, the publisher nabbed the UFC license after its former holder, THQ, went under. Once everyone was done fretting that some of the magic would be lost due to the license changing hands, what we found in EA Sports UFC is one of the best face punching sims around. Combat is gritty and realistic, just short of hearing metatarsals crack following a devastating kick to the body and the game is very good at capturing the excitement of winning matches against tough opponents. Now, EA Sports UFC is coming to EA Access and you can find out more about that after the break.

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