NBA 2K16 Pro-Am Mode Announced With New Trailer

NBA 2K16 Pro-Am logo

In sports sims, half of the fun is just playing through the regular season, but the other half is about getting to do your own thing. It’s why so many people loved NBA 2K‘s Crew mode. Previously appearing in NBA 2K10, 2K11 and 2K14, Crew mode let players team up and take on opposing crews; they could even come up with their own name and jersey design.

Sadly though, Crew mode was nixed in NBA 2K15 and replaced with the Jordan Rec Center, a mode which was often criticised for how long it took to load. Things are being shaken up again with NBA 2K16 though, as the new Pro-Am mode will deliver on fans’ wishes and then some. Watch the NBA 2K16 Pro-Am trailer after the break.

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The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Announced

The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff logo

The Sims 4 has gotten various DLC packs since launch, which have covered all sorts of aspects of a Sims’ life, but one thing they haven’t focused on much is what Sims eat and drink. Given that the kitchen is a source for great fun or disaster (oven fires are one of the most common Sim-death methods, after all) it wasn’t a huge surprise last week when a leak suggested that The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff was on the way.

Online retailer Amazon jumped the gun by revealing that a Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat/Cool Kitchen bundle would be available from October. And while EA hasn’t confirmed the existence of that bundle, the publisher has confirmed The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff pack, so you can find out more about that after the break.

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Onikira: Demon Killer Release Delayed

Onikira screenshot 1

Earlier this month we shed a little light on a game called Onikira: Demon Killer. A beat ’em up, Onikira puts you in the well travelled shoes of a samurai who’s fighting with everything he’s got to defend Earth from a demon invasion.

The samurai, Yamazaki Jiro, had been clubbing, stabbing and throwing opponents into submission since November, when Onikira was first released on Steam Early Access). Publisher Headup Games revealed that the full version of the game would be released on July 30, but at the last minute, developer Digital Furnace Games has now delayed Onikira: Demon Killer‘s release.

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The Sims 4 Patch Fixes Two Major Game-Breaking Bugs

The Sims 4 wallpaper

The Sims 4 is a big, big game with a lot of different variables and so a lot of things can (unintentionally) go wrong. Some of our favourite Sims 4 patch notes from the past few months include a fix that stopped Sims’ candles going out if they hadn’t paid their bills, a fix that stopped Sims from sinking into the treadmill during a run, and a fix that stopped pregnant Sims from being in a “perpetual state of labour” once they’d started giving birth.

Not all issues are as funny as that though and some make the game impossible to play. The development team has been listening to our complaints though and the new Sims 4 patch should fix a couple of major game-breaking bugs that have cropped up recently.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Square Enix Knew Xbox Exclusivity Would ‘Disappoint’ Fans

Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshot jail

Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. After Tomb Raider (2013)‘s fantastic (but flawed) reboot of Lara Croft’s epic, globetrotting adventures, fans were ecstatic when it was announced that a sequel would be released in 2015.

But right after that initial excitement came a huge announcement that upset many fans, and even caused some irate players to threaten to boycott the game; Rise of the Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive. Publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics did explain that it was only a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 and Xbox One (meaning that it would eventually be out on PC and PS4 at a later date) but some fans were still unhappy.

Last week, however, Square Enix revealed that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released on PC and PS4 in 2016. And following that release date announcement, Square Enix Americas CEO Phil Rogers, has revealed that the company knew that Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s Xbox exclusivity would disappoint fans.

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The Swindle Out Now, With New Launch Trailer

The Swindle header

The Swindle is a game that has been steamrolling itself towards release for the past few months. Initially canned by developer Size Five games, it was re-revealed earlier this year and has been steadily preparing to steal our hearts ever since.

We’ve covered the game quite a bit here on the site but if you’ve missed out previous coverage (look at our tag for The Swindle here) then the game is a randomly generated steampunk thieve-em-up. What that means is that you control a thief and your main goal is to pull off heists of various difficulties, spending your looted money on becoming a better thief.

Find out more about the game and watch The Swindle launch trailer, after the break.

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Fallout 4 Features Same-Sex Romances

Fallout 4 wallpaper

At E3 2015, Bethesda revealed that Fallout 4 begins with your character married to someone of the opposite sex. You and your partner even have a child (who will be based on your appearance) and a robot butler. But when the nuclear war breaks out, you make it to the vault but neither your spouse nor your child survive.

Due to the sensitive and emotional nature of the game’s beginning, romance probably wasn’t expected by most Fallout 4 fans. However, during the Fallout 4 presentation at Quakecon, the game’s director Todd Howard revealed that players will be able to romance their companions regardless of their gender. Find out more after the break.

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League of Legends: Teemo Becomes More OP in New Update

League of Legends Classic Teemo wallpaper

There are few League of Legends champions as hated as Teemo. The tiny Yordle scout has darts dipped in poison, his mushrooms are a slowing, lethal menace and he is obnoxiously cute. Even people who play as Teemo can’t stand him; regardless of his brilliant skins.

Because of Teemo’s much-loathed status, many players have asked for the champion to be nerfed. Consider those requests firmly ignored, then, as Riot Games has now made several changes to Teemo’s abilities to make League of Legend‘s most annoying champion even more OP.

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The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen DLC On the Way?

The Sims 4 logo

Since launch, The Sims 4 has gotten a sweltering amount of add-on content. Get to Work introduced new careers, Luxury Party Stuff helped your Sims throw a swanky bash, while the new Spa Day game pack introduces gyms, spas and saunas.

But EA apparently isn’t done yet. According to a leaked listing from online retailer Amazon, The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen could be the next bit of downloadable content added to the popular god-hand game. Find out more after the break.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Coming to PC and PS4 in 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider artwork

Rise of the Tomb Raider is easily one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. In Lara Croft’s new adventure she’ll be heading to Siberia, looking for the secret of immortality. There will be supernatural animal guardians, a sinister organisation (named Trinity) most importantly, it will have even more tombs to raid than Tomb Raider (2013).

It’s just a shame then, that Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s most exciting bits have been greatly overshadowed by the fact that it will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and Xbox One when it launches later this year. PC and PlayStation fans were angry as they have supported Tomb Raider for many years – good news then, that Square Enix has just announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released on PC and PS4 in 2016.

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