LGBTQ Games Conference ‘GX3’ Passes Funding Goal, Will Happen Next Year

GX3 logo

It’s hard out there for an LGBTQ gamer. It’s a rarity for playable LGBTQ characters to be included in our video games, it’s not particular common for devs to advocate for it either and on the occasion that they do it’s laughed down as part of the liberal/gay/illuminati agenda. Aiming to be a safe space for all of the conversations that surround LGBTQ gamers in a mostly straight, mostly cisgendered industry was GaymerX, a real life gaming conference that you could attend and meet likeminded LGBTQ gamers at. So, pretty brilliant then? Indeed, it is but after a sponsorship mixup and a name change later, GaymerX is back as GX3 and it’s looking to be better than ever.

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Hellblade Won’t Have Multiplayer Or An Open World, Ninja Theory Say

Hellblade Senua

Hellblade is certainly an interesting one. Ninja Theory have said that it’s ‘independent triple A’, that it will be a PS4 exclusive (at first) and that they’re also pushing the limit of what the studio’s animators are used to. So there are a lot of buzzwords there, probably enough to turn this into a glossary more than a bonafide piece of games media but Hellblade’s ambition could be one of the best things about it. Its lead, Senua, will take on nightmarish enemies that would give Dark Souls a run for its impossible-to-beat money, the world is full of Celtic and Viking mythology and everything is doused in mystery and intrigue like a sea sponge that’s never been wrung out. We do have the tiniest bit of new info about the game though, as revealed by Ninja Theory in a Twitter Q&A.

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GTA V Release Date Confirmed as November 18th for PS4, Xbox One

GTA V screenshot

Hark! Do you hear that? That’s the deafening echo of the GTA V release date being announced, confirming that the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will indeed be coming out this Autumn as promised. We were a bit worried for a second there though as total silence in public from Rockstar gave us all night tremors about GTA V’s new gen release date being pushed back and the fact that they were only showing it off to retailers (and not the rest of us) continued to scare us silly. We’ve got a date now though, along with some details about what GTA V will be bringing to PS4 and Xbox One later this year. And did we mention that we’ve also got a new GTA V trailer? You can see that and more after the break.

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“There Won’t Be a Sims 5”, Sims 4 Producer Warns

The Sims 4 wallpaper

As the inevitable business cycle goes: if it sells well, we’ll do it again. If it sells bad, then it’s off to the glue factory with every creative but under-performing IP you’ve ever loved! This makes sense and even Guitar Hero got axed when sales (and interest) dropped low enough. So, no franchise is immune no matter its long-standing reign, especially not The Sims. The Sims 4 may have only just got out the gate, glitches and controversy abound, but now one of its producers is warning that The Sims 5 might now even happen. Is he right? Has he lost his mind? Should we start searching out our long lost expansion packs? Find out more after the break.

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The Sims 4: See This Ridiculous Cheat in Action Before EA Patch It

The Sims 4 screenshot

Alien abductions! Casual, bladder-related murder! Houses that are also accidental death traps! It’s all there in The Sims 4, EA and Maxis’ new God-hand life simulation. Granted, most of us use the game as our own personal sim torture chamber but apparently that’s not what it’s for. Other handy features in The Sims 4 include the interior design gameplay that we’ve enjoyed since the series’ inception, only this time around the game also comes with the ability to make everything ridiculously sized. Technically it’s a cheat but it’s an EA-approved cheat so head after the break to find out more.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Romance Guide Reveals Full List of In-Game Relationships


Yes we’re intrigued by its cast of characters, yes we’re excited to stab a variety of supernatural beasties in their kneecaps and yes every single one of us is chomping at the bit to lead a variety of creatures and fierce warriors into battle and save the world but what most of us can’t wait for are the Dragon Age: Inquisition romances. Since the absolutely brilliant Dragon Age: Origins landed on the scene and the slight disappointment of Dragon Age 2 came around with its shoddy combat, we’ve loved the romance gameplay that let’s us woo, shack up or make virtual puppy eyes at our AI teammates. Dragon Age is also one of the few series that includes gay or bisexual characters and allows them to get into relationships with the player’s character. With all the support around the mechanic then, it makes sense that BioWare have now released a Dragon Age: Inquisition romance guide which you can read all about below.

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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Takes Inspiration From Disney Films

Saints Row Gat Out of Hell screenshot

When it launches early next year, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell will see you face off against Satan as you rescue the President from unfortunate matrimony with the devil’s daughter. It also see you conquer a “demon-infested city”, zip around with demon wings and fire locusts at people’s faces. Also, because this is a Saints Row game and that’s what the Saints Row series does best, it will also see wreak general havoc and destruction against Hell’s population. Hardly suitable for a three year old now is it? But strangely, the family-friendly schmaltz of Disney films is exactly where Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’s dev team got much of its inspiration.

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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Announced for 2015

Saints Row Gat Out of Hell artwork

Some of the best video game funtimes I’ve had have been in the Saints Row games. From spraying poo on pedestrians, to mowing down pedestrians with a mini-gun, mowing them down with cars and then pummelling the change out of them with a giant, purple d*ldo bat should my roadkill dare get up again, the Saints Row games are a ridiculous antidote to Grand Theft Auto’s slice of reality. The last SR game was a prime indication of that as you elevated from esteemed well-like gangster to the President of the United States. Also, there was an alien invasion, naturally. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is the name of the next release and this time you’ll be saving the Pres from Satan himself. Read more about the game after the break.

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Is GTA V Delayed to 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

GTA V Wallpaper

The mighty, mega behemoth of a games franchise, Sony got to be the bearer of highly anticipated news at E3 this year by announcing that GTA V would be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One before Christmas. For those of us who’ve yet to take to the Los Santos streets mowing down every puny pixellated human who crosses paths with our bumpers or trying to make a quick, less than legal buck in GTA V’s post-financial crash setting, that was fantastic news. GTA V was going to be brighter, shinier and better looking than ever before! But with fresh rumours out of Gamescom that the game isn’t quite yet in a presentable state, we could have to wait until 2015 to play Rockstar’s masterpiece on new-gen.

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Jotun Reaches Kickstarter Target; Announces Giant-Slaying Stretch Goals

Jotun Thora artwork

Jotun is a game that puts you in the suitably badass boots of a Norse warrior named Thora as she battles through Viking purgatory trying to make her way to the cushy haven of Valhalla. Naturally, the game also sticks an axe in her hands (that’s far too heavy for our puny, mortal biceps) to make sure she’s well equipped to stab, jab and pummel the ugly out of the titular jotun who are an array of giant elemental beasties. On her quest for redemption and proving herself to the gods, Thora will also come across runes, puzzles and “many more Viking mysteries” according to the devs, which are all things I very much like the sound of. It seems plenty of you like the sound of that too as Jotun has reached its Kickstarter goal. But if you’re out of the loop about the indie action adventure title, you can find out more on Jotun and its gameplay goals after the break.

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