$666 Up for Grabs in ‘Devil’s Dare’ Halloween Competition

Devil's Dare screenshot

Happy Halloween! The spookiest most cavity-inducing holiday of the year, you probably haven’t gone half an hour today without hearing about some sort of ghost, goblin or undead fiend. It makes sense then that, Secret Base, the developer of the arcade-y, zombie slaying beat ‘em up Devil’s Dare has launched a Halloween-y competition that gives gamers a chance to win $666. There’s also the chance to be featured in the game, immortalised forever. Read on to find out how to nab some extra cash and a place in history.

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‘Hellblade’ Concept Art Hints at Possible Boss Battle

Hellblade wallpaper

Having being announced with a vague (albeit incredible) proof of concept trailer, we are gradually learning more about upcoming PS4 exclusive, Hellblade. Developer Ninja Theory have made it clear that the game is not a spiritual successor to their much-loved title Heavenly Sword (despite both games being heavy on mythology and being antonyms of one another) and we’ve met Senua, Hellblade‘s powerful, battle-hardened female lead. Ninja Theory have also explained that Hellblade won’t include multiplayer or an open world and that combat will be ‘brutal’. Let these brand new Hellblade concert art images add to the info pile then, as they provide a hint of what’s to come.

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League of Legends World Championship 2014 Sets Attendance Records

League of Legends logo

The League of Legends World Championship finals took place in Seoul, South Korea over the weekend and as expected, local team Samsung White gave their Chinese competitors Horn Royal Club a “ruddy good trouncing” as my elderly British grandfather would say. Basically, SW gave HRC a right good ass-kicking and as the victors the talented team of Leaguers won $1 million shared between the members. Not a bad figure for a sport that ESPN has only just started to air, eh? But more impressive than that prize pool is the amount of people that showed up to watch the LoL World Championship Finals in person as this year’s attendance has set a new record.

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Harmonix Rhythm Music Shooter ‘A City Sleeps’ Hits Steam

A City Sleeps screenshot

“Rhythm music shooter”, yes, I know that description is about as daunting as a 70 foot grizzly bear with hunger pains but A City Sleeps might actually be rather good. All about its insane difficulty, Harmonix’ new take on an old genre sees gamers try to survive absolute bullet hell. It has an appropriately nightmare-ish story and a female protagonist described as a ‘dream exorcist’ who is the only one who can save her humble city from an all consuming slumber. Sound good? Find out more after the break.

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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Gets New Release Date; Seven Deadly Sin Weapons Trailer

Saints Row Gat Out of Hell artwork

“A man dangerous enough to bring Satan to his knees but selfless enough to make God himself raise an eyebrow”. Is this the man you would trust to save the President of the United States/Ruler of the Entire World from the grasps of Hell? No, not really. Put a bunch of devastating weapons into his arsenal though and I might reconsider. Johnny Gat is the man in question and lucky for us (and for ol’ El Presidente), in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell he has a whole bag of guns, armchairs and explosive devices to stick it to Satan. They’re based on the bible’s seven deadly sins which probably isn’t the sort of creativity that they were meant to inspire but alas, there’s a trailer for all of the weapons after the break.

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Devil’s Dare Mashes 90s Horror With Arcade, Co-Op Madness

Devil's Dare header

When it comes to things scaring us sh*tless, the 90s were a pretty good time. We had documentary spooks from The Blair Witch Project, masked scares from the very first Scream movie and The Sixth Sense forever made that one joke about seeing dead people a staple in pop culture. Nearly 15 years on and those things are still keeping us awake at night like your screamo enthusiast neighbour but arcade co-op title Devil’s Dare gives us an opportunity to shoot those bad guys in the face. Find out more about the game and its 2D stylings after the break.

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EA Join White House Call to End Sexual Assault

EA logo

For as much as we dither on about frame-rates and fast-paced gameplay and how the hell so and so company are going to tack microtransactions into so and so game, video games and the people behind them are massive cultural pillars. It’s why so many people will lambaste one another on the Internet over brand loyalty of consoles and the ‘liberal’ agendas of certain, more accepting titles. So as one of the primary peddlers of games and one of the first to get called out for having an underlying motive, it’s pretty huge then that EA have now joined the White House’s ‘It’s On Us’ campaign, to use their influence to call for the end of sexual assault.

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Principia’s Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet Inspired Gameplay Passes Steam Greenlight

Principia screenshot

We’re at a very special moment in gaming right now where we don’t just get to run about and play in our games, but we also get to tinker around and make our own games within them. Principia is a game of this sort, mashing together Minecraft like material collecting and LittleBigPlanet world building for the best combination since chips and gravy (or chips and guac if you’re in North America). Whether you want to make a robot death squad, a collection of marching, pooping animals or if you want to just make the best Space Invaders clone of the ages, Principia will let you do that. So there’s unlimited potential with this one and it’ll be out soon. More on Principia after the break.

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LA Cops Bringing 70s Shooter Action to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

LA Cops screenshot 2

Amongst the overwhelming piles of junk that promise things only to stumble through Steam Early Access and fail to deliver, LA Cops is a sparkling rarity. Its gameplay is already solid, addictive and a stupid amount of fun, it updates regularly with new gameplay features and levels (as promised) and the 70s styling and storied cutscenes that fill in the gaps are a genuine breath of fresh air. Originally touted as a top down shooter to join Hotline Miami, LA Cops has proved that it’s far more than that and is coming along nicely ahead of its full release later this year. But, as has now been announced, LA Cops won’t just be coming to PC, it will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One too.

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New GTA V Artwork Released by Rockstar to Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

GTA V Artwork Characters

GTA V has been out for a year now! In that time you’ve likely lost count of all the slow-moving pedestrians you’ve mowed down, the bullets you’ve sprayed the scenery with and the great heights you’ve tumbled off of as playable characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin. If you haven’t got the game then you’ve probably spent a similar amount of time grumbling about GTA V’s new gen release, it’s delayed PC release date and general wishes and complaints for the game to launch on our shiny new consoles and systems just a little bit sooner. No matter your feelings on the game’s past year, Rockstar are looking to commemorate the one year anniversary with you, having now uploaded a boatload of previously unreleased GTA V artwork. It beats the usual paper anniversary gift anyway. Images after the break.

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