Alien: Isolation Dev Diary Shows Off Retro Atmosphere, More Scares


I watched this trailer in full-screen. Yeah, big mistake. Alien: Isolation consistently terrifies me because I know that Amanda Ripley (the game’s protagonist) is about as well-equipped to defend herself as a sandcastle is from the toe of a boot. She’s stranded on a space base with no guns as it is and anything she can get her hands on isn’t lethal to the alien and looks as though it came out of 1979. Literally. According to Creative Assembly that’s down to a specific design choice in which they’re going to use pared down visuals recorded from broken video tapes and items that could have only been made on the set of the original film in 1979. A world without 1080p HD? Horrifying. Watch the new Alien: Isolation dev diary after the break.

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Concursion Demo Now Available, Here’s Why You Should Play It


That headline’s a little bit misleading, actually, because it implies that there’s just one good reason to play Concursion, the ambitious indie title from Puuba Games. There are actually a good few many reasons why you should be interested in the game, most of all the fact that it combines 5 different gameplay elements in one (and when I say combine I quite literally mean combine – levels have bits of one another squished together seeing you change character and gameplay on the fly). There’s also my Concursion preview in which playing it made me promptly fall in love and the game’s new trailer (also included in this post). There are quite a few others which I’ve listed after the break but if you play the Concursion demo you’ll be able to find out why for yourself!

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The Child of Light World of Lemuria Trailer is Beautiful, Mesmerising


Child of Light’s art style is the best looking of all of the games that we’ll see released this year. I’m willing to put money on it. Hell, Child of Light may have the best art style of all the games released in the next two years (by the third year Ubisoft would have released a sequel, naturally). The game has indie stylings with a major developer and publisher behind it and the platforming RPG seems to be offering Ubisoft’s trademark crisp and clean way of pulling things off which makes me all the more excited to see how the game pans out upon release. You can watch the Child of Light World of Lemuria trailer after the break.

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New Alien: Isolation Behind the Terror Trailer Will Scare the Living Daylights Out of You

Alien Isolation screenshot 6

You can feel him here. You don’t know where or how close, but he’s there. Waiting. You avoid the darkness, almost unbroken bar a dull, blinking light above the door on the other side of the room and your left hand is sweaty, gripped tightly around the handle of your motion sensor; the only thing ensuring that that black sea won’t bring sudden death. You run for it, heart beating rapidly in your chest and you hear his snarl behind you. He’s closing in; you’re sure he’ll get you but you make it through the door just in time to engage the air lock. Weightless on the other side, you know he has your scent. When you touch ground and that door opens up, he’ll be unpredictable and you’ll be as helpless as ever. That’s the fear that the alien in Alien: Isolation will cause and as explained in the new Alien: Isolation Behind the Terror trailer, that experience is terrifying.

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Sony Release 8 Minutes of inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Footage

inFamous Second Son screenshot 6

Be it the copies of inFamous: Second Son that have broken the street date and ended up in PS4s ahead of March 21st, or be it the fact that plenty of people are going nuts over the game, but for whatever reason, Sony have now released 8 minutes worth of inFamous: Second Son gameplay footage to interest us before the game is released. You likely don’t need much convincing on the game or its protagonist, Delsin Rowe, but you can peep the new footage after the break.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Discover the Dragon Age’ Trailer Released

Dragon Age Inquistion screenshot

The time for the mythical beast slaying and party tactics combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s gameplay is nearly upon us, with EA and BioWare’s medieval fantasy RPG gearing up for release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Set to be the leading RPG on next-gen platforms, Dragon Age: Inquisition can’t just play the part, building on original game, Dragon Age: Origins’ brilliant gameplay, it will also have to look the part, delivering gorgeous graphics to our peepers like da Vinci had painted them in front of us himself. EA and BioWare are confident that the game fits the bill and they’ve release the Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Discover the Dragon Age’ trailer online. You can watch it after the break.

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Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry to Be Released as Standalone Title

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry screenshot 1

“I was born into slavery, deprived of any right, of any faith. I was sold, traded for labour, forced to watch the suffering, treated like a beast and burden. With no future ahead of me, I forged my own and I knew blood would be the price”. This is Adewale’s tale, a man who escaped the hands of vicious slavers after being born into the slave trade to become Edward Kenway’s right hand man and an esteemed member of the Jackdaw’s crew. His story is an important one and it’s being told in Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, which is now being released as a standalone title, after a stint as DLC. Find out more after the break.

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SHORT PEACE: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day To Get European Release

Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day screenshot

Ranko Tsukigime is a deadly assassin; she could pull you to pieces like a sugar-deprived child with a piece of candyfloss in less time than it would take you to screech in fear and her work has attracted the crosshairs of an evil corporation. She also just happens to be a high school student. Does SHORT PEACE: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day sound like the best film that you’ve ever heard of? Yes, it most definitely does and while it’s technically not just a film, this collection of short movies, paired with a high octane action sidescroller, looks set to deliver on both fronts, garnering an Oscar nomination to certify it. Find out more about the game after the break.

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inFamous: Second Son Dev Diary Brings New Gameplay Plus Lots of Rain

inFamous Second Son screenshot 11

When your city is famed for its torrential downpours, with rain so heavy that Mary Poppins wouldn’t touch it with a gazebo on a stick, what do you do? If Sucker Punch are anything to go by then you’ll apparently take that in stride and recreate it in gorgeous 1080p HD and 30 FPS, as discussed in this inFamous: Second Son dev diary. The team talk designing Seattle in the game, the PS4’s fancy ‘Share’ button and, obviously, how to represent realistic weather effects in the video after the break.

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inFamous: Second Son Accolades Trailer Gives You Reasons to Be Excited

inFamous Second Son screenshot 6

Bragging rights, schmagging rights. What’s a few E3 awards and some incredibly positive quotes from the media if your game isn’t blazing hot like a volcanic eruption on Mars, nor is it as pretty as a wall of neon lights in the middle of a blackout? What’s that you say? Protagonist Delsin Rowe’s neon absorbing and flame/smoke throwing powers means that PS4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son, is literally both of those things? Well that means that Sony and Sucker Punch have plenty of reasons to brag in the inFamous: Second Son accolades trailer, which you can see after the break.

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