NBA 2K16 Pro-Am Mode Announced With New Trailer

NBA 2K16 Pro-Am logo

In sports sims, half of the fun is just playing through the regular season, but the other half is about getting to do your own thing. It’s why so many people loved NBA 2K‘s Crew mode. Previously appearing in NBA 2K10, 2K11 and 2K14, Crew mode let players team up and take on opposing crews; they could even come up with their own name and jersey design.

Sadly though, Crew mode was nixed in NBA 2K15 and replaced with the Jordan Rec Center, a mode which was often criticised for how long it took to load. Things are being shaken up again with NBA 2K16 though, as the new Pro-Am mode will deliver on fans’ wishes and then some. Watch the NBA 2K16 Pro-Am trailer after the break.

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The Swindle Out Now, With New Launch Trailer

The Swindle header

The Swindle is a game that has been steamrolling itself towards release for the past few months. Initially canned by developer Size Five games, it was re-revealed earlier this year and has been steadily preparing to steal our hearts ever since.

We’ve covered the game quite a bit here on the site but if you’ve missed out previous coverage (look at our tag for The Swindle here) then the game is a randomly generated steampunk thieve-em-up. What that means is that you control a thief and your main goal is to pull off heists of various difficulties, spending your looted money on becoming a better thief.

Find out more about the game and watch The Swindle launch trailer, after the break.

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In Between Announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Mobile

In Between game screenshot

Around these parts, we absolutely love games that play on physics. From the (relatively) serious gameplay of Portal and TerraTech, to the absolutely ridiculous antics of Octodad and I Am Bread, the genre has a lot to offer. Soon to be joining the more ‘serious’ side of the physics spectrum is In Between, the new game from developer gentlymad. and publisher Headup Games.

How serious is In Between? The game stars a protagonist who’s dying of cancer, for one, and its plot is described as a “tragic story for reflection”. It’s certainly not a walk in the park then, but In Between could offer an entertaining and harrowing experience when it comes to PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices soon.

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Never Alone: Foxtales DLC Announced; Base Game Coming to PS3 and PS Vita

Never Alone Foxtales logo

Last year, platforming adventure Never Alone took everyone by surprise. The game, which was based on a tale (Kunuuksaayuka) from the Alaska Native people (Iñupiaq) put players in the warm, fur booties of a young girl named Nuna and her animal companion Fox as they had to save their village from a blizzard. It was a beautiful and haunting title and one that I heaped praise upon in my review.

Many people were also fond of the fact that Never Alone stayed true to its source material – it wasn’t some copy and paste attempt at capitalising on Iñupiaq culture, it was actually developed in partnership with them (as Upper One Games) and the publisher, E-Line Media. There are many, many more Iñupiaq stories to tell though, and everyone would love a chance to play more of what Never Alone offers. Good news then, that the Never Alone: Foxtales expansion DLC will be released soon.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Shows Innovations Across the Pitch

FIFA 16 screenshot Henderson

FIFA 15 was rather good, as it goes. Reviews of the game were mostly positive, with critics noting that EA had done a good job of optimising the graphics for PS4 and Xbox One. But ‘better looking graphics’ aren’t going to cut it with FIFA 16 and while the decision to (finally) include female footballers is a huge step forward for the series, for many core FIFA fans, they’ll need more of a reason to buy.

The solution to this, EA reckons, is to make comprehensive and tangible improvements across the entire pitch. In FIFA 16, every single position in the game has new a trick up their sleeves, from the goalkeeper all the way to the forwards. But talking about them isn’t as interesting as seeing them which is why EA has released a brand new FIFA 16 gameplay trailer – watch it after the break.

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Jotun Beta Begins, Gets New Trailer to Celebrate

Jotun beta screenshot Fehu

Norse adventure game Jotun is one that we’ve been following quite closely in the past year as plenty have people are quite fond of its gorgeous art style and its David versus Goliath gameplay. The David, in this case, is Thora, a powerful warrior who has been sentenced to a life in purgatory following a dishonourable death and the Goliath(s) are the jotun; huge elemental beasts that she must defeat to reclaim her honour.

When Jotun hit Kickstarter last year, it promptly raised 128% of its goal, and developer Thunder Lotus Games has been especially good at keeping backers, fans and followers updated. There’s been an alpha test of an early build, and plenty of gameplay videos and now, the Jotun beta has gone live along with a new trailer to celebrate. Find out more after the break.

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The Sims 4 Spa Day Trailer Released

The Sims 4 Spa Day logo

Whether your Sims have to live in death traps, further their careers, or constantly fear the moment when you’ll wall them into a swimming pool and drown them to death, The Sims 4 is a highly stressful game. It’s great news then, that EA is preparing to launch The Sims 4 Spa Day game pack.

This new rest and relaxation themed game pack follows recent DLC, Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff, and it’s out today. To celebrate its release and explain what sort of chilled out activities it offers, EA has released a Sims 4 Spa Day trailer. Watch it after the break.

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Crest Gets New Trailer to Celebrate Huge Animal Update

Crest game logo

Crest is an ingenious take on the classic god game; rather than poking and prodding and making characters wet themselves like you would in The Sims 4, in Crest you give them commands and let them exercise their free will. It quite literally makes you a god, letting you carve out the principles of your very own religion.

The last time we checked in on Crest, developer Eat Create Sleep was letting its characters eat each other, with an update that improved cannibalism. But other people aren’t the only dangers your followers need to worry about now, as in the latest update, animals have been introduced, threatening to eat them too. Find out more after the break with a brand new Crest trailer.

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Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Enigma Trailer Released

Heroes Reborn Gemini and Enigma logo

Last week it was announced that the upcoming Heroes Reborn TV show (a reboot of the original sci-fi TV show) would be getting two spin-off video games. The ‘core’ game is called Heroes Reborn: Gemini and will be released on PC and consoles, while Heroes Reborn: Gemini would be released on mobile devices.

Most people were intrigued yet sceptical of the announcement. How would Gemini and Enigma be different from (Sucker Punch’s PlayStation exclusive series) inFamous? Are the powers going to be any good? Will the games, like the original TV show, suddenly become diabolically rubbish halfway through?

In the debut trailer for both games, those questions haven’t really been answered, but they do give us a first look at Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Enigma in action. Take a look after the break.

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Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl DLC Trailer Released

Batman Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC screenshot

Batman: Arkham Knight‘s Batgirl DLC got a price and a release date earlier this week, but many fans are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming content. Yes, it would be a fantastic chance to get to know Barbara Gordon (who we see as Oracle for most of the game) but given that the the game’s Harley Quinn DLC (a pre-order bonus that sees Harley go and break Poison Ivy out of jail) was massively underwhelming, not everyone was convinced that it would be any good.

It also didn’t help that the DLC, called Batgirl: A Matter of Family, hadn’t been properly shown off. All we had to go on was a blurb about extra missions that also featured Robin and Jim Gordon, as well as a nice bit of character art. Warner Bros. has heeded our calls though, having now released a trailer for the upcoming Batgirl DLC.

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