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League of Legends PROJECT Yi splash screen wallpaper

League of Legends Patch 5.17 Release Date Announced

The last few League of Legends patches have been one heck of a ride. In patch 5.14 we were introduced to the fantastically nautical Bilgewater event, 5.15 introduced a shedload of champion reworks (invisible brush Teemo is still a nightmare to deal with) and 5.16 had buffs and big changes for the juggernauts, Garen, Skarner, Mordekaiser, and … [Read More]

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LawBreakers screenshot Maverick Skirmisher

LawBreakers Gameplay Trailer Introduces 4 Devastating Character Classes

Over the past year, famed game developer Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski (who is best known for being the head designer on Gears of War) has been teasing a game called ‘Project BlueStreak‘. Earlier this week, he and his team at Boss Key Productions formerly announced this title as LawBreakers, a free to play multiplayer shooter on […]

God game Crest screenshot

God Game ‘Crest’ Gets New Trailer Showcasing Its ‘Expanded Universe’

Eat Create Sleep’s game, Crest, really puts the ‘god’ into ‘god game’. Crest allows you to set commandments and general ideas of what your followers should or shouldn’t do, but how they interpret that might be completely off the wall. Feed the hungry, you might say, and soon you’ll see your followers killing (and eating) […]

LawBreakers logo

‘LawBreakers’ Is Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game

Cliff Bleszinski (or CliffyB as he is also known) is one of gaming’s most famous faces. Bleszinski was a key designer on 1998 multiplayer shooter Unreal, he was then promoted to head designer which saw him lead Gears of War, and he also worked on the critically acclaimed (but poorly selling) sci-fi FPS, Bulletstorm. So, […]