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$666 Up for Grabs in ‘Devil’s Dare’ Halloween Competition

Happy Halloween! The spookiest most cavity-inducing holiday of the year, you probably haven't gone half an hour today without hearing about some sort of ghost, goblin or undead fiend. It makes sense then that, Secret Base, the developer of the arcade-y, zombie slaying beat 'em up Devil's Dare has launched a Halloween-y competition that gives gamers a chance to win $666. There's also the chance to be featured in the game, immortalised forever. Read on to find out how to nab some extra cash and a place in history. … [Read More]

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League of Legends World Championship 2014 Sets Attendance Records

The League of Legends World Championship finals took place in Seoul, South Korea over the weekend and as expected, local team Samsung White gave their Chinese competitors Horn Royal Club a “ruddy good trouncing” as my elderly British grandfather would say. Basically, SW gave HRC a right good ass-kicking and as the victors the talented […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Cassandra is a Tough Cookie With Heart in New Trailer

What do we want? Well written, multi-dimensional female characters! When do we want them? Now! Bless you BioWare for paying attention to our peaceful demands, by giving Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s female characters actual character instead of being one note ‘strong’ women with more muscles than humanity. Returning character Cassandra Pentaghast is an extension of this, […]


Harmonix Rhythm Music Shooter ‘A City Sleeps’ Hits Steam

“Rhythm music shooter”, yes, I know that description is about as daunting as a 70 foot grizzly bear with hunger pains but A City Sleeps might actually be rather good. All about its insane difficulty, Harmonix’ new take on an old genre sees gamers try to survive absolute bullet hell. It has an appropriately nightmare-ish […]