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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Cassandra is a Tough Cookie With Heart in New Trailer

What do we want? Well written, multi-dimensional female characters! When do we want them? Now! Bless you BioWare for paying attention to our peaceful demands, by giving Dragon Age: Inquisition's female characters actual character instead of being one note 'strong' women with more muscles than humanity. Returning character Cassandra Pentaghast is an extension of this, returning after a stint in Dragon Age 2 where she interrogated Varric until he began to sweat like a grizzly in a sauna. When we saw her last she was as hard as nails but this time Cassandra is tough, sympathetic and maybe love is on the cards for her too. Find out more after the break. … [Read More]

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‘In Real Life’ Book Review

I am not very good at MMOs but through the eyes of Anda I learn what it feels like to be an MMO god. Where I forget to log in regularly or give up on the daily grind, In Real Life‘s young protagonist exceeds, slashing, dashing and powering her way through enemies to hoover up […]


Devil’s Dare Mashes 90s Horror With Arcade, Co-Op Madness

When it comes to things scaring us sh*tless, the 90s were a pretty good time. We had documentary spooks from The Blair Witch Project, masked scares from the very first Scream movie and The Sixth Sense forever made that one joke about seeing dead people a staple in pop culture. Nearly 15 years on and […]


PSN Sale Discounts Assassin’s Creed, Madden and More

Deals, glorious deals! Discounts and good bargains! I could be a songwriter, me, but for now I’m a humble deals reporter as Sony have announced a massive wealth of discounts on top of their earlier price slash this month and an Amazon-hosted sale that was also of good value. This new PSN sale runs a […]