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Girl vs Game – Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4)

Like an ever faithful steam engine, good ol' PlayStation Plus keeps chugging along. Passengers get a delectable buffet cart of free titles every month and like the Grade A hoarder that I am, I have yet to get through them all. So, every so often I take on a PS Plus title and test its mettle and this month's challenger is...Dead Nation: Apocalypse. … [Read More]

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Alien Isolation teaser

Alien: Isolation Dev Diary Shows Off Retro Atmosphere, More Scares

I watched this trailer in full-screen. Yeah, big mistake. Alien: Isolation consistently terrifies me because I know that Amanda Ripley (the game’s protagonist) is about as well-equipped to defend herself as a sandcastle is from the toe of a boot. She’s stranded on a space base with no guns as it is and anything she […]


Concursion Demo Now Available, Here’s Why You Should Play It

That headline’s a little bit misleading, actually, because it implies that there’s just one good reason to play Concursion, the ambitious indie title from Puuba Games. There are actually a good few many reasons why you should be interested in the game, most of all the fact that it combines 5 different gameplay elements in […]

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8 Things We’d Like to See From a Tomb Raider Sequel

Around these parts, we’re just a bit fond of Tomb Raider, the origins story that was released to show Lara Croft as a green behind the ears explorer who was neither very good at killing, shooting or not getting herself torn to pieces by particularly pointy bits of metal. We like the gameplay, the characters […]