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League of Legends Ditches Permabans for Competitive Players

When a player is abusive to others, subjecting them to harassment or general nastiness, can they ever get out of that mind-set? And more important, should they be forgiven if they do? Given the often quite toxic nature of professional eSports, it's a highly contentious issue. No one wants to be part of a community that is mean to them especially when that community is supposed to be about teamwork, fun and cheerful camaraderie. That's why Riot Games have done so much to stamp out toxicity in League of Legends in the past, but now, they're announcing massive reforms to the LoL permaban system. … [Read More]

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Devil’s Dare Review (PC) – A Hard Day’s Grind

There’s something quite unfortunate about dying in a permadeath game. It’s like a blow to the head, a jab to the stomach and your father calling you “a disappointment” all at once. Yet Devil’s Dare, the arcade beat ‘em up from Secret Base, encourages it. The point to this (and yes there is a point […]

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Never Alone Launch Trailer Debuts; PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Next Week

Never Alone really is a one of a kind. Combining puzzles and platforming with the culture and stories of the Native Alaskan IƱupiat people, it really is the only thing like it out there. Granted, Assassin’s Creed 3 featured a Native protagonist but that was a different Native culture and its portrayal was, to put […]

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PlayStation Now Adds Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect 2 and More

Depending on how good you are at rifling through bargain bins, PlayStation Now is either a whopping great deal or an unnecessary service. The ‘killer’ feature of PS Now is that it cuts out the downloads, the updates and all of those time-wasting gubbins and streams the game directly to your device (PS3, PS4, PS […]