Alien: Isolation Screenshots Leak Online

Alien Isolation screenshot 1

It seems that when you put one crack in the damn, the entire thing will start leaking, as spilling info like a gossip who’s just been told the juiciest secret in the world, Alien: Isolation screenshots have now been leaked onto the web after a source detailed Sega’s yet unannounced title. We previously learnt that the game would be far better than franchise predecessor, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and now with these Alien: Isolation screenshots looking as intriguing as ever, we might finally start believing the hype.

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Alien: Isolation to Feature Female Protagonist, Source Says

Alien: Isolation teaser image

To be frank, the last game based on the Alien movie franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines, was rubbish. Rated ‘a load of old cack’ by reviewers across the board (the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are rated 43 and 48, respectively on Metacritic), what was promised to be the first decent video game outing under the Alien brand was a huge disappointment. Publisher of the game, Sega, however, wish to make amends by bringing a far better game to market with Alien: Isolation, which apparently involves including a female protagonist.

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Aliens : Colonial Marines is Released, Launch Trailer Hits the Web

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot 2

Aliens : Colonial Marines has finally been released and in space no one can hear you scream unless you too are that angry that it’s taken this long to hit shelves. But now, after months of rabid slobbering from Aliens fans waiting for Gearbox Software to release their interactive homage to the series, the title, which was produced with help from original Alien director, Ridley Scott, is here.

Acid blood, wall crawlers and movie references alike, some critics are still slating the game already but hopefully that won’t put you off, and Gearbox have even released an Aliens : Colonial Marines launch trailer for you to fully decide if you want to play a piece of cult film heaven.

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New Aliens : Colonial Marines Screenshots, Better Bring a Flashlight

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot 1

The best thing about these new Aliens : Colonial Marines screenshots? Everything.

Made up of one part wet your pants terror in its many unfamiliar lifeforms (as in games like Resident Evil 6) and 2 parts brilliant lighting effects (which will no doubt add to the intense fear), Aliens Colonial Marines is Gearbox Software’s attempt to rebuild and improve upon the last relatively abysmal video game tie-in that was was also based on the insanely popular Alien film series – Alien Versus Predator.

I really think that Gearbox can pull this one off, the game has had enough delays as it is (current tally is 3 delays) and we don’t want it to become another Duke Nukem Forever, do we? (sidenote – DNF was also a Gearbox Software game).

In space no one can hear you scream, but my neighbours will definitely hear me loud and clear when I wail in terror at what Aliens : Colonial Marines has in store.

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