New Crysis 3 Screenshots Will Make You Wish You Owned a Nanosuit

Crysis 3 Screenshot 3

Back in April when we posted our giant Crysis 3 feature, detailing all of the first, early factoids that we knew about the game, everyone was positively giddy. I received one worrying report about a reader who read the post and proceeded to wet themselves with excitement*.

You may need to exercise those bladders again as Crysis 3 is back again with a new pile of steaming hot screenshots. These Crysis 3 screenshots, are, as the gameplay trailer was, absolutely gorgeous.

We get to see some of the murky swamp goo (which yes, still looks pretty, albeit revolting, because that’s just how Crysis 3 rolls), a towering hulk of Ceph mech and the obligatory (perhaps) image of Crysis 3 protagonist, Prophet, staring wistfully into the distance. Marvel at them after the break.

*not really

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