Crysis 3 – Release Date, Gameplay, Everything Else You Need to Know

Crysis 3 Wallpaper

Where Call of Duty fails (and thus gets nominated as one of our ‘must-avoid’ games as a result), Crysis succeeds, or at least, tries really hard to make up for.

When Crysis is not able to best the mega-franchise that Activision continuously boosts its bank balance with, it makes up for it with a stellar level of graphics that no matter how lacking some of its other features may be, the visuals will never fail to make you succumb to its most eye-pleasing asset, having you weak at the knees before you can say ‘holy nanosuit!’.

Imagine my delight then, when Crysis 3 was leaked and subsequently announced formally by EA, keen to add a third outing to the super-soldier sandbox-em-up franchise. This is big, BIG news as Crysis 3 will be the “first blockbuster shooter of 2013”, pipping closest rival Call of Duty to the 2013 line-up top spot, with COD’s 2012 release not even officially revealed yet.

With the first images, first gameplay trailer and a whole host of other info out in the open about the game, this round-up is a good place to board the Crysis 3 hype train.

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