E3 Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Now Live

Dishonored Screenshot 8

Yes, I know that it’s been a month since E3 (as well as the subsequent release of the E3 Dishonored gameplay trailer) but in my defence, it has taken me that long to get through the awesomeness that is the Dishonored gameplay footage that Bethesda offered up at the convention (which, is a valid excuse if there ever was one).

If you haven’t seen it, then after your first viewing (of many, no doubt) you’ll have to take a while to get through it too – don’t worry if the entire 3 and a half minute trailer gets a bit confusing, the E3 Dishonored gameplay trailer can be summarised with the following – singing choir children are never not creepy and the plague will forever be the grossest thing to ever happen to society. The amount of claret on show would put Sweeney Todd to shame. Also, something about rats.

Now that you have the general gist of Dishonored, scroll below to watch the gameplay footage so that you too can be impressed/baffled/generally awestruck by Bethesda’s upcoming assassin sandbox title.

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Watch Dogs Announced by Ubisoft, Steals a Surprise E3 Win

Watch Dogs Logo

Usually when we partake in the almost mandatory discussions of ‘who won E3?’, the talk is more often than note pared down to the E3 pressers of the big 3 (also known as ‘the big cheeses’) – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. And while the latter left us underwhelmed with their less than enthralling new console, the Wii U, and the former two had little to show (okay, Sony had some interesting exclusives – more on those later in the week), it was actually a 3rd party pub/dev who caused the most E3 chatter at the LA electronics convention.

Ubisoft have now formally announced a game called ‘Watch Dogs’, in a high-tech third person sandbox game that riffs from Grand Theft Auto and has distinct hints of both Deus Ex Human Revolution, and more recently, Syndicate.

From what we can tell from the 9+ minutes worth of footage on offer, the protagonist of Watch Dogs is some sort of hitman/tech expert who is assigned targets. To eliminate them he can employ a range of electronic hacking – from crashing cars by changing traffic lights to gaining access to locations by disabling phones and causing distractions – two things we see happen in the Watch Dogs E3 trailer.

The graphics look slick and well put together (which is an understatement if you watch the Watch Dogs E3 gameplay trailer in 1080p in the YT player below), the gameplay looks stylish as ever and the story is as intriguing as you’ll ever get. Perhaps most surprising of all of this is that developer Ubisoft Montreal managed to keep the game under wraps until now.

Watch Dogs looks like a truly exciting game so we’ll be keeping you updated during the run up to the game’s release date next year.

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JSX and E3

There is no doubt in our minds that you have probably gotten lost in all of the E3 mayhem, spinning heads, trailer overload and screenshot overexposure et al.

JSX are not about to do that to you as well. No, instead, our coverage of E3 will continue over the next few weeks, with us bringing you slimmed down versions of all of the stuff worth knowing about.

All killer, no filler. You don’t have time to hear about all of the rubbish games, with a few of the gems mixed in, and we don’t have time to write about them, so we’ll keep it strictly about the really brilliant gaming related stuff, and all of that chaff can stay in the bin where it belongs.

See you here tomorrow for our first bit of E3 goodness!