The Sims 4 Patch Fixes Two Major Game-Breaking Bugs

The Sims 4 wallpaper

The Sims 4 is a big, big game with a lot of different variables and so a lot of things can (unintentionally) go wrong. Some of our favourite Sims 4 patch notes from the past few months include a fix that stopped Sims’ candles going out if they hadn’t paid their bills, a fix that stopped Sims from sinking into the treadmill during a run, and a fix that stopped pregnant Sims from being in a “perpetual state of labour” once they’d started giving birth.

Not all issues are as funny as that though and some make the game impossible to play. The development team has been listening to our complaints though and the new Sims 4 patch should fix a couple of major game-breaking bugs that have cropped up recently.

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The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen DLC On the Way?

The Sims 4 logo

Since launch, The Sims 4 has gotten a sweltering amount of add-on content. Get to Work introduced new careers, Luxury Party Stuff helped your Sims throw a swanky bash, while the new Spa Day game pack introduces gyms, spas and saunas.

But EA apparently isn’t done yet. According to a leaked listing from online retailer Amazon, The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen could be the next bit of downloadable content added to the popular god-hand game. Find out more after the break.

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FIFA 16: USWNT Forward Alex Morgan to Star on Cover

FIFA 16 cover Alex Morgan

This year, FIFA 16 will boast innovations right across the pitch, but one its most talked about features is its inclusion of female footballers. For years, fans have been asking EA to add women to the game and now, for the first time, ever we’ll be able to play as women’s international teams.

The decision has been a divisive one, though, as while some fans are angry at EA for including women, others are angry that just 12 women’s international teams are included, and none of the women’s regional teams are in the game. However, the developer and publisher is taking this in its stride, having made the monumental announcement that USWNT forward Alex Morgan will be gracing the game’s cover.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Shows Innovations Across the Pitch

FIFA 16 screenshot Henderson

FIFA 15 was rather good, as it goes. Reviews of the game were mostly positive, with critics noting that EA had done a good job of optimising the graphics for PS4 and Xbox One. But ‘better looking graphics’ aren’t going to cut it with FIFA 16 and while the decision to (finally) include female footballers is a huge step forward for the series, for many core FIFA fans, they’ll need more of a reason to buy.

The solution to this, EA reckons, is to make comprehensive and tangible improvements across the entire pitch. In FIFA 16, every single position in the game has new a trick up their sleeves, from the goalkeeper all the way to the forwards. But talking about them isn’t as interesting as seeing them which is why EA has released a brand new FIFA 16 gameplay trailer – watch it after the break.

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The Sims 4 Spa Day Trailer Released

The Sims 4 Spa Day logo

Whether your Sims have to live in death traps, further their careers, or constantly fear the moment when you’ll wall them into a swimming pool and drown them to death, The Sims 4 is a highly stressful game. It’s great news then, that EA is preparing to launch The Sims 4 Spa Day game pack.

This new rest and relaxation themed game pack follows recent DLC, Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff, and it’s out today. To celebrate its release and explain what sort of chilled out activities it offers, EA has released a Sims 4 Spa Day trailer. Watch it after the break.

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Sims 4 Update Introduces New Build Mode Features

The Sims 4 expansion pack Get to Work businesses

It’s been a tumultuous time for Sims 4 fans as of late as good news such as the release of the Perfect Patio Stuff pack have been offset by things like rumours of Sims 4 microtransactions and the reveal that hot tubs (introduced in Perfect Patio Stuff) will only ever be available if you buy that DLC.

We wouldn’t blame you for being wary about what EA and The Sims 4 development team are up to then, but today we have good news from the House of Sims. A brand new update has been released giving builders new features to play with, along with plenty of bug fixes and a few improvements to the Gallery too. Find out more after the break.

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The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack Announced

The Sims 4 Spa Day screenshot

Earlier this year, EA told investors that by March 2016 we would see “another” Sims 4 expansion pack released, along with multiple game packs. There’s been no official word on that Sims 4 expansion (although it’s most likely The Sims 4 Pets), but we do know that the next game pack will be The Sims 4 Spa Day.

Following on from the chilled out Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party Stuff, and Perfect Patio Stuff add-ons, The Sims 4 Spa Day will let your Sims to get their ‘rest and relaxation’ on. There will be a series of health and wellness related activities on offer from massages to mudbaths and you can find out more about this game pack after the break.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Stars Messi, No Touch Dribbling

FIFA 16 screenshot Messi

Every year, without fail, EA releases a brand new FIFA game. And every year, EA has to come up with some significant new features and tweaks to prove that this year’s game isn’t just last year’s game in a new box with a new roster update.

EA has already tried to prove how different FIFA 16 is, with the biggest addition being the inclusion of women’s international teams. As important as that is, we don’t just want new characters models, new names on the back of the jerseys and new pronouns in the commentary, we want tangible gameplay changes. So could ‘no touch dribbling’ be the change that we need? According to the new FIFA 16 gameplay trailer, no touch dribbling will change everything.

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The Sims 4: Hot Tubs Only Ever Available If You Pay Extra; Future Updates Outlined

The Sims 4 microtransactions

In the past few months, we have praised EA and The Sims 4 development team for listening to fans and making up for what was a disappointing launch. Fans asked for swimming pools and family trees and they added them to the game for free, fans wanted more space so they introduced new Sims 4 neighbourhoods, and fans also asked for more things to do and so they have released various Sims 4 DLC.

The latest of these DLC add-ons is The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff pack which gives your Sims the tools they need for a chill hangout; including hot tubs. These hot tubs are a big, key feature as Sims of all ages can hang out in them and listen to the radio, and adult Sims can even WooHoo in them. It’s a shame then, that Sims 4 producer Graham Nardone has now confirmed that hot tubs will only ever be available to players who pay extra.

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E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Multiplayer Detailed

Mirror's Edge Catalyst wallpaper logo

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a game all about hurtling across the tops of buildings at full speed, trying to get to places in the fastest time possible without falling off the roof or getting apprehended by a corporate goon. So it would be the perfect sort of game for a multiplayer race; players could go head to head, trying to find the best line on a course and set the best time.

Speaking at E3 2015, Patrick Bach from the game’s developer DICE, has confirmed Mirror’s Edge Catalyst multiplayer, just not in the way that you think.

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