Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer Also Reveals the Release Date


Well, uh, this is awkward. Y’know we’ve all been falling over ourselves for BioWare’s new game without a single shred of gameplay* to show for it? EA and BioWare must have realised that too because they’ve finally given us a Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay trailer full of tasty morsels to chew over and my God does this game look every bit as a brilliant as we imagined. Giant boss battles, tactical combat and lush, well decorated scenes are all on the cards in the upcoming RPG and we were entirely correct to be chomping at the bit to see more of it. You can watch the new trailer (and find out the Dragon Age: Inquisition release date) after the break.

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New Dragon Age: Inquisition Character, ‘Vivienne’, Revealed by BioWare

Dragon Age Inquistion Vivienne

You don’t get to restoring world peace and completing a game without making a few enemies or friends who would be willing to take an orc’s club to the face for you in battle. At least, not in Dragon Age: Inquisition anyway, as the game is set to follow its predecessors by offering party tactic gameplay, seeing you micromanage the relationships you have with your team like the most efficient Queen Bee. However, the game isn’t out yet and so we know next to nothing about the characters unless we get drip-fed info by developers BioWare, like our merciful overlords. BioWare have now taken a little pity on us by revealing some info and you an read about the newest Dragon Age: Inquisition character after the break.

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Mass Effect Gameplay Designer Criticises Gaming’s “Negative Stereotypes”, Lack of Diversity

Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Screenshot 2

“Negative stereotypes effect the identity of individuals in these groups”, these are not just the words of Manveer Heir, the Gameplay Designer on Mass Effect, during his talk at GDC (Games Developer Conference) in San Francisco, this is the proven truth of the effects of the media and those who watch, listen and interact with it. Key is this in video games, as the control of our characters makes it all the more important that the thousands of hours of gaming that we take part in each year aren’t full to the brim with offensive content that not just leaves out the diverse masses of gamers who are playing them, but poorly represents them when they are actually included. So the rest of Heir’s words then, that you can read after the break, are even more important.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Discover the Dragon Age’ Trailer Released

Dragon Age Inquistion screenshot

The time for the mythical beast slaying and party tactics combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s gameplay is nearly upon us, with EA and BioWare’s medieval fantasy RPG gearing up for release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Set to be the leading RPG on next-gen platforms, Dragon Age: Inquisition can’t just play the part, building on original game, Dragon Age: Origins’ brilliant gameplay, it will also have to look the part, delivering gorgeous graphics to our peepers like da Vinci had painted them in front of us himself. EA and BioWare are confident that the game fits the bill and they’ve release the Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Discover the Dragon Age’ trailer online. You can watch it after the break.

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8 Games That Would Make Brilliant TV Shows

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Screenshot 5

Video game consoles aren’t ‘video game’ consoles any more, they’re fully fledged media boxes, with TV shows, movies, games and music ready to sap away our free-time and attention like a leaky dam at the touch of a button and a flick of an analogue stick. We shouldn’t have to decide between a quick gaming session or catching up on our favourite show when both are available in the same package. So with that in mind, what would happen if the two types of media merged and 20 hour gaming epics were whittled down to concentrated 40 minute bursts of television entertainment? It would be incredible, that’s what. Read on to find out our top picks for the best games that would make brilliant TV shows.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer Defends In-Game Romance, Equality

Dragon Age: Inquistion screenshot 2

BioWare are hardly strangers to controversy (the Mass Effect 3 ending, anyone?) but rather than staying away from it, like the shy development team in the corner, they are more than happy to embrace it, with open arms and open hearts because often, the BioWare choices that cause the most flack are the ones that matter. This is according to David Gaider, the lead writer of their upcoming title, Dragon Age: Inquisition, discussing in-game romances, and he not so much kicks the hornet’s nest as he does punts it out the stadium. Read what he has to say after the break.

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The Video Game Diversity Report 2013-14

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Teaser

Like most other game sites, we run on willpower, a non-existent budget and a love of gaming, but unlike other sites, J Station X is also fuelled by a whole lot of anger and a little bit of indignation that the video game industry that we know and love still continuously fails to represent women in games, people of colour and those who identify as LGBTQ. It’s for that reason that I’ve put together the first annual Video Game Diversity Report so that we can yell back statistics when the mob bangs on the door protesting that gaming must stay as a Straight, White Boys Club. Read my findings after the break.

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FIFA 14 Next-Gen Trailer Shows Highest Level of Realism Yet

FIFA 14 screenshot

FIFA 14 on next-gen is not what you expect. It’s not what you thought of in your wildest dreams and it’s not even encompassing what you wanted improved upon from EA’s previous attempt at perfecting the footie genre. If what EA say in this new FIFA 14 next-gen trailer is to be believed, it’s set to be so much better. Year on year we get incremental updates to the game; updated kits, more beautified blades of grass and that sort of thing but now, on next-gen it looks like EA Sports have finally accomplished something substantial. You can watch the new trailer discussing it all after the break.

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Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Promises Series’ Best Plot Yet

Battlefield 4 screenshot 3

Let it be said that Battlefield 4 does not have big shoes to fill in terms of its story. More like tiny, shrunken down clogs that its predecessor left behind, EA’s next big, bombastic shooter won’t have to do much to impress after the bitter taste that BF3’s double crossing plot left behind. But leaving the past in the cold like a dog that got its teeth on your favourite pair of loafers, Battlefield 4’s story looks like it’s going to be bigger, bolder and most importantly, better, than ever before.

What’s also key with Battlefield 4’s story is that it isn’t just fighting against past iterations, it’s also going up against the long reigning king of FPS sales that is Call of Duty: Ghosts. But unlike Activision’s fire-powered offering, EA’s seems to be doubling down on both the explosive factor (and those orange clouds of heat do look mighty impressive) as well as the interactions between a squad (which you could argue was perfected in other Battlefield series – Bad Company). And, showcasing that now in video form, is the Battlefield 4 story trailer, which you can watch after the break.

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Madden NFL 25 PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay Trailer Released

Madden NFL 25 image

With Madden NFL 25 on next-gen consoles, EA are looking to avoid getting sacked on a third down by making the right play that’s going to see them cruise past the redzone to score an all important touchdown. Meanwhile, we’re trying not to get tackled by an LT for all of those cheesy American football references. The point at hand is that with the current gen version of Madden NFL 25 already on store shelves, EA now have to prove that the game is worth a purchase on PS4 and Xbox One and now, with the help of a two minute trailer, the likelihood of us all shelling out for the title has just gotten a little bit higher.

In the 120+ seconds worth of Madden NFL 25 gameplay footage (it wasn’t clear as to whether what’s in the trailer was running on PS4 or Xbox One) EA introduce us to all of the fancy new branded features that their title will be running down the field with. ‘Player Sense’ is reportedly set to make characters more like intelligent, game aware players and less like reanimated muscly corpses while ‘True Step’ is the slightly gimmicky name EA are giving to Madden NFL 25’s new motion capabilities and you can watch both features in action after the break.

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