Far Cry 3 E3 Teaser Trailer is Every Bit as Crazy as You’d Expect

Far Cry 3 Screenshot 2

Far Cry 3 prides itself on its insanity, we know this by now and the open-world paradise-cum-living nightmare based game seems unlikely to step off of this crazy train any time soon.

Quite the opposite actually, as developer and publisher of the game, Ubisoft, is wielding the madness as the biggest selling point of Far Cry 3 – a smart idea considering that very few games can boast such a roaster of characters in which the majority are clinically insane.

The nutso bananas inner workings of these characters will be on show at behemoth tech conference E3 next week where Ubisoft will be partaking in a showcase of their games – Far Cry 3 included. For now, Ubisoft are only giving us a small taste of the largely deluded with a Far Cry 3 E3 teaser trailer.

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