Skyrim Lag Issues Solved, Xbox 720 and PS Vita Qs + More, Answered

Skyrim Wallpaper

In the poll in our sidebar, we’re currently asking you who you like best – Nathan Drake from Uncharted or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but today JSX is taking a time out from asking you questions (though you should go and vote, the winner gets a special feature post!) to answer some of the qs that you’re burning to know the answers to.

Last time, we answered some cracking queries about Fallout 4, the next Call of Duty and GTA V. This week we’re answering your questions about fixing Skyrim, the PS Vita launch line-up and the Xbox 720.

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First Trailer for FIFA Football (PS Vita)

FIFA Football Screenshot 2

Win the ball, pass the ball, kick the ball, SCORE! That’s how it goes in all of the FIFA games, the way it works on Sony’s handheld, PS Vita, is no different. All of the game play that you expect to be in the game is there, if the game’s first trailer is anything to go by. What may throw you off guard are the added touch capabilities ‘touch the screen to shoot you say? MADNESS!’ and the fact that you will be walking around with HD graphics in your back pocket. But we shouldn’t fear its quality, we should embrace it with open arms, even if that does mean being subject to Wayne Rooney’s “attractive” mug in high definition.

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