8 Games That Would Make Brilliant TV Shows

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Screenshot 5

Video game consoles aren’t ‘video game’ consoles any more, they’re fully fledged media boxes, with TV shows, movies, games and music ready to sap away our free-time and attention like a leaky dam at the touch of a button and a flick of an analogue stick. We shouldn’t have to decide between a quick gaming session or catching up on our favourite show when both are available in the same package. So with that in mind, what would happen if the two types of media merged and 20 hour gaming epics were whittled down to concentrated 40 minute bursts of television entertainment? It would be incredible, that’s what. Read on to find out our top picks for the best games that would make brilliant TV shows.

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Aliens : Colonial Marines is Released, Launch Trailer Hits the Web

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot 2

Aliens : Colonial Marines has finally been released and in space no one can hear you scream unless you too are that angry that it’s taken this long to hit shelves. But now, after months of rabid slobbering from Aliens fans waiting for Gearbox Software to release their interactive homage to the series, the title, which was produced with help from original Alien director, Ridley Scott, is here.

Acid blood, wall crawlers and movie references alike, some critics are still slating the game already but hopefully that won’t put you off, and Gearbox have even released an Aliens : Colonial Marines launch trailer for you to fully decide if you want to play a piece of cult film heaven.

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New Aliens : Colonial Marines Screenshots, Better Bring a Flashlight

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot 1

The best thing about these new Aliens : Colonial Marines screenshots? Everything.

Made up of one part wet your pants terror in its many unfamiliar lifeforms (as in games like Resident Evil 6) and 2 parts brilliant lighting effects (which will no doubt add to the intense fear), Aliens Colonial Marines is Gearbox Software’s attempt to rebuild and improve upon the last relatively abysmal video game tie-in that was was also based on the insanely popular Alien film series – Alien Versus Predator.

I really think that Gearbox can pull this one off, the game has had enough delays as it is (current tally is 3 delays) and we don’t want it to become another Duke Nukem Forever, do we? (sidenote – DNF was also a Gearbox Software game).

In space no one can hear you scream, but my neighbours will definitely hear me loud and clear when I wail in terror at what Aliens : Colonial Marines has in store.

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Premature Ejaculation Jokes and Tears–Duke Nukem Forever gets Delayed (Again)

Duke Nukem Forever DeMotivational Poster

Better late than never, right guys?

When you read that headline I bet your thoughts ranged from ‘OMFG, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FRIKKEN KIDDING ME!!!’ to ‘Oh Jasmine’s just pranking us!’ and everything in between. But alas, I am not kidding, Duke Nukem Forever, AKA the game with the longest development time ever know to Earth has been delayed once again.

It’s ok, you don’t have to keep your rage in here, we all get it, Duke Nukem Forever has been 14 years in the making (or is it 15? I’ve lost count) so we’re beginning to get a bit impatient. Actually, scratch that, ‘a bit’ is most definitely an understatement, even Gran Turismo 5 didn’t take that long!

Ok, everybody calm down and watch an apology video from Gearbox Software’s (the developer of DNF) Randy Pitchford after the break.

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Hidden Gems of the Gaming World : Borderlands


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Meet Borderlands ; Fallout’s younger, wackier and not-actually-related cousin.

Want to spend £40 on the GOTY edition of Fallout 3? Or how about £40 on Fallout New Vegas? Forget it. Spend £30 (maybe even less in some places) on the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands – an open-world RPG that has more in common with the Fallout games than their shared love of quests and customisation.

Because of other, more established RPGs, like the aforementioned Fallout games, Borderlands is often overlooked as a ‘serious’ game on account of its cartoony-drawn graphics and dusting of light humour but it’s these amusing qualities that make Borderlands different from so many of the other heavy and dark RPGs on the market right now and with several helpings of fantastic DLC (4 DLC packs to be precise) included in the GOTY edition, now is the perfect time to give Borderlands a second chance.

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Borderlands Screenshot 1

Been set on fire? Yeah, there's no coming back from that.

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