GTA 5 Trailer #2 Goes Live, Showcases Three Playable Characters

Continuing to well and truly push the boat out with their games, Rockstar’s tongue in cheek, rags-to-riches series, Grand Theft Auto is back with GTA 5 trailer #2, giving us a preview of Los Santos’ (the fictional California-like world of GTA 5) craziest and wealthiest characters as we meet the three characters that will be playable at the GTA 5 release date.

Back in the series are planes, helicopters, cars (some fast, some rust-bucket-y) as well as high-speed chases, less than legal dealings and those that anyone old enough for a Winter heating benefit would call “hoodlums.”, as well as some extremely pretty cutscene footage showing that GTA 5 is completely obliterating the graphical and lighting standards set by GTA IV all the way back in 2008.

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Stop Everything : New GTA 5 Screenshots Revealed by Rockstar

GTA 5 Logo

When it comes to appealing to their fanbase, Rockstar really are the experts, after we brayed like injured wolves on their doorsteps for morsels, scraps, just anything GTA 5 related, they’ve released two new GTA 5 screenshots to shut us up and make us go away (until we come back again begging for GTA V gameplay footage).

Living up to its translated name of “The Saints”, the fictional GTA 5 setting of Los Santos is proving to be just as we expected – it looks a lot like real life city, “The Angels”/Los Angeles. And while the screenshots don’t do much, other than confirming our thoughts that GTA 5 is really, really pretty, like, put these screenshots in Vendi couture and send them down a runway sort of gorgeous, what the new GTA 5 screenshots do is sate our appetites, tiding us over as we wait for GTA 5 gameplay footage, which developer and publisher of the franchise, Rockstar Games, say that they will not be revealing “for a while yet”.

In any case, you can see GTA 5’s visual awesomeness after the break.

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