Dead Space Ignition Competition Winner Announced!

Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space IgnitionOn Monday, I launched a competition to win a code for the arcade tie-in game for Dead Space 2, Dead Space Ignition. To win, all you had to do was ReTweet a simple message (as well as follow me @Jasmino924 ) on Twitter.

Many people ReTweeted in the hopes of winning the code to unlock the full game on PS3 and after all of these tweets (as well as a few by one person who was pissed that the competition wasn’t multi-format) I can now announce a winner!

Congratulations @KrigoCA , you won the code. Have fun with the game!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win or if you couldn’t enter the competition because it was only on PS3. I have another competition lined up for the very near future that will be for all formats (even PC!) so keep visiting J Station X for more news on how you can win!

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Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space Ignition

Competition Time! Win A Code for EA’s Dead Space Ignition

Dead Space Ignition Logo

Keep reading to find out how you can win!

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There’s not long until the sequel to the absolutely amazing Dead Space 2 is released (January 25th in North America!) and as a little teaser/awesome extra/something-to-keep-you-from-going-mad-if-you’ve-been-waiting-ages-for-the-sequel, the publisher behind the Dead Space games, EA, have come up with a genius bit of content to whet your appetite before the full game next year.

As the image about suggests, Dead Space Ignition is a prequel for Dead Space 2 and you’re in luck as I have a code for the game up for grabs!

Click ‘Read More’ to find out how you can win.

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