5 Top Tips : How to Pwn n00bs in Modern Warfare 2’s Online Modes

MW2 Online Image

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Image courtesy of Kotaku
Like many of my fellow online gamers, I have spent approx. every waking hour (besides school etc.) playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! Within one day after release I had completed the game’s main story mode and from there I headed online, where the real Modern Warfare’s at. Now I’m gonna be honest, I’m no “l33t” player when it comes to MW2’s online modes but having been ruthlessly killed by so many other players so many times means that I have picked up some great tips & tricks on how to rack up a huge killstreak! Check ’em out below.

1.Get Low
Do you know how many times I was killed by the same guy today? 6! Within a space of 3 minutes he had made me respawn 6 times! Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “why on Earth didn’t she just kill this crazy fool!?” well I tried and failed. Each and every time I set up my aim to look around and thenpump a few rounds into this n00b I was killed! But then, the 6th time that I respawned, it hit me, the reason that he’d been able to avert my beady eyes was because he’d been lying down. This simple feat can keep you easily hidden and provided that you lay fairly
still you can kill your enemies, undetected.

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