New Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Builds a Future, Judges You

Max Payne 3 New York Screenshot 3

What a lovely break yesterday was as America celebrated Mother’s Day and me, a Brit, took full advantage of it. Well, welcome back today where we can now celebrate the fact that shooting people in the face and serving justice is really awesome.

This hefty slice of justice and the epic gunfights are, of course, thanks to none other than one Max Payne, whose third video game outing, Max Payne 3, is released on Friday.

In this Max Payne 3 launch trailer, Max talks about the two kinds of people who inhabit the world, those who “build a future” and those who try and “rebuild the past”. He says that he has always hovered in the middle but now plans on fixing this in Max Payne 3, but that won’t stop him from relegating you from his social circle should you fall into the latter category.

Best stay out of his way should you cross paths with him then…

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Max Payne 3 Multiplayer DLC Detailed, Priced Ridiculously Low

Max Payne 3 Screenshot 8

Einstein himself couldn’t keep up with the pricing levels of the individual Call of Duty Modern Ware 3 map packs (my brain already hurts thinking about Black Ops 2’s online monetisation efforts) and talk about online passes, paid subscriptions et. al comes with side effects such as nausea, boredom and in severe cases, death.

So let us all gather round the proverbial campfire to praise and worship Rockstar Games, publisher and developer of Max Payne 3, as their plan for the Max Payne 3 multiplayer DLC is sweeter than sugary, third person shooter pie.

Called the ‘Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass’, Rockstar’s plan is to have you pay a one time fee of £19.99 (that’s the PSN price, the Xbox 360 version will set you back by 2400 Microsoft points) and gets you almost £40 worth of maps. Rockstar are going to release 7 stonking great whoppers of Max Payne 3 multiplayer DLC between June and Autumn, which are as follows

June 2012

  • Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012

  • Disorganized Crime Map Pack
  • Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
  • Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
  • New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012

  • Painful Memories Map Pack
  • Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

The first of the Max Payne 3 DLC, the Local Justice Map Pack, will include the Police Precinct map for Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer multiplayer modes. The pack will also feature two additional maps for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer, new precinct-themed multiplayer avatar items, multiplayer challenges – and this is only part of it (Rockstar say that they’ll release more details soon, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted!).

Phew! All of this and the game isn’t even out yet!

The Max Payne 3 release date is May 15th, 2012, click here to pre-order Max Payne 3.

Max Payne 3 Bullet Time Trailer is Dramatic, Intense

Max Payne of Max Payne 3 : gun-toting maniac, alcoholic, King of shooting things in slow-mo whilst looking like a total badass.

Usually reserved for soppy talent show montages and Baywatch beach running, slow-mo isn’t very welcomed in video games, save for Modern Warfare 3’s kill cams.

Rockstar have already thrown the book at the status-shooter-quo by making a balding ex-detective  the protagonist of the franchise reboot of Max Payne so why not do it again by embracing slow-mo more than most of us gamers ever have? Max Payne 3 bullet time seems to work somewhat, let Rockstar show you themselves in the brand new trailer for the feature.

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Max Visits New York, Offends Eyes in New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Max Payne 3 New York Screenshot 2

The Max Payne who we play as in Max Payne 3 is a real globetrotter.

What his passport probably doesn’t tell airport officials is that he is often found with a selection of heavy duty firepower or that his terrible taste in neckties is enough to label him a flight risk, considering that his love of leopard print paisley is enough to blind the entire passenger list of a Boeing 747…

The bulk of the game takes place in Latin America but these newly released Max Payne 3 screenshots show that he takes a bite out of the Big Apple in his quest for revenge/rescue, getting shot in grim alleyways and on skyline-embracing rooftops by grizzly looking New York thugs (attempting to kill Max, presumably, for his crimes against fashion.)

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New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Bring More Bullets, More Death, More Awesome

Max Payne 3 Screenshot 8

I’m no analysis professional or anything, but what I do know, is that Max Payne likes shooting things.

Max Payne 3 is a game entirely dedicated to shooting people dead, shooting from cover, shooting in the open – basically, that’s a lot of bullets.

Luckily, Max Payne 3’s firepower is one of its most endearing assets and Rockstar are treating us to a quadruple helping of what Mr. Payne does best as they’ve released a new batch of Max Payne 3 screenshots for us to have a gander at.

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New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Give Us Dual Wielding Galore

Max Payne is a raging alcoholic with depression who skipped the last couple of anger management classes to become a fool-killing jetsetter so obviously the best thing for him is not one but two, guns because this is a guy who is responsible with firepower…

You could tell him to put the second gun down but he’d most likely blast your head off with a shotgun and walk away looking dapper in slow-mo thanks to the game’s new bullet-time system.

Regardless, it does make for some very attractive screenshots.

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Monday Musings #1 : SOPA, Skyrim and Max Payne 3 Contests

We live in treacherous times. There’s no money in the bank for most, no food in the cupboards for some and for a good few of us, the Internet is being slow!
That last one’s a horrible beast.

Cold, hungry, or enraged by poor bandwidth, you should always set aside some *me* time ; indulge in a light spot of reading, or perhaps try and win some free stuff just because you can. Especially on a Monday, the only average day of the week that is directly on par with Doomsday.

Below is a round-up of gaming-related links that will hopefully put a smile on your face, make you laugh or give you something to think about on this Winter’s morn. Enjoy.

BONUS : to keep you entertained until next time, have a go at the browser version of Cut The Rope. It’s fun, it will kill time and unlike the iPhone/iPod Touch version, it’s free!

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New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Show Max w/ Hair and Guns, Lots of Guns

Max Payne 3 Screenshot 3

As we detailed in our 5 best gaming facial hair feature (a Movember special), the less hair on a game character’s head, the feistier he is. Take Kratos as a prime example.

One man who doesn’t fit that rule is Max mother-f***in’ Payne, shoot first, step over the bodies later. Even in his days of a hairy detective he was angry, then the booze happened and the male patent baldness set in and well…plenty of firefights ensued.

Angrier than ever, Max now spends his free-time running about with guns larger than your average toddler, which is, as anyone knows, the best way to resolve your issues.

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